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Friday, August 5, 2011

What I'm Lovin

 Feeling Frilly

Thrift store scores 

These Shoes  for  $2.99

Getting off to a great start.

This smile after gettin her all enrolled for college classes! ~sniff~

Having this save my butt this week... Literally! There used to be a big spot where I sat on a hot wing!

Acessorizen the grand babies.. Made these to match a dress.

Getting this pic taken in their driveway to let me know they made it home safe and sound.

Beach toes!!

Tomorrow, Lord willing, we'll have these buried in the sand.

Stephanie :)

Linking up today with Kristy 
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  1. GORGEOUS! I especially love your great start to the day and that gorgeous yellow mug. 'sundaypeach' and I had a little giggle yesterday, and thought how amazing it was that you were starting your day, and our Thursday was done! Love that I can have friends on the other side of the world! Love your loves, lovely! xx

  2. What wonderful moments you captured. I especially like the "home safe" picture. I will have to take a similar picture next time I visit my parents. Thanks for the idea.

  3. you had me at the polka dot flats. and then again at the frilly flower. and then again...

    happy friday! thanks for linking up!

  4. My friend introduced me to the tide pen when one of my boys spilled some of his icee on me a few days ago. I stocked up on the them on my last visit to Target!

  5. Love your toes and those new shoes! So adorable. :)

  6. Such cute shoes!! Score :)

    I love the "home safe" pic too...what a great idea!!

  7. Is that Essie Turquoise and Caico's I spy on your toes?? I have that on right now!!

  8. LOVE that post! It made ME happy too!

  9. Nice shoes and I love lacquer color too!!!

  10. Best list! Loving the nail polish and your cute grandkids!!

  11. Love the beach toes ! And the shoes !! What a nice week :)

  12. Those shoes. Those toes. So cute. Those shoes... the price. Just not fair. Love love love them!


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