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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It matters

I recently heard a song on the radio that made me think of my oldest daughter.

Elizabeth has always had such a boldness for the Lord and a heart for people....
that's an awesome combo to have.

In her teenage years when we were out and about, she would always be the one to ask the cashier how their day was going, or notice if they were discouraged or down.  
She would take the time to listen to them if they were needing a sounding board and
 she always shared the hope of Jesus with them.

Her passion to share the gospel with strangers was her "normal".

She genuinely cares for people.

Before she married and was still traveling with us while her daddy preached revival meetings,  she was always the one who would find out the most about the people there. 
 Not because she's nosy...
People just share their life with her. 
She listens.

I was often convicted and humbled by my daughters heart for the world and would see my own need to slow down and make time for people.

People often would speak of Elizabeth's future and how she was "destined" for
  big things with the Lord.
...How He was gonna use her boldness for big things in the Kingdom and how they couldn't wait to see where He takes her.

Well that is exactly what the Lord has done.
He is using her to do BIG things for His kingdom.

Not big in terms of how the world would define big.
He didn't send her to Africa or China or somewhere on the other side of the world.
He's not using her to speak to thousands of women at conferences.
He didn't even call her to go to college. ~gasp~

But He did call her to be the helpmate to her husband 
and the mommy to 2 daughters and a son that is due very soon.

Not to say the Lord won't do some of those things I mentioned at some point in her life,
but for this season of her life..
He has called her to change diapers all day long, cook supper when she is dog-tired, read the same story over and over again, fold laundry, bathe babies and find the time to make her husband know he is the most important person in her life.

I know many of you are right there in that same season
and often wonder if you are even making a difference.

You are.

Which brings me to the song I heard...
This is for all you momma's doing the day in, day out stuff of motherhood.

It matters.

"...Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God."
1 Corinthians 10:31

Stephanie :)

Call Me Blessed


  1. Thanks for the encouragement and always seeing things in me that I sometimes can't see in myself. Although, you make sound WAY better than I truly am! I am genuinely humbled. Thank you. I only learned from the best :)

  2. This is such a sweet post! I, for one, am very thankful that God called me to this life of staying home with my smalls. It truly is a great calling even on the toughest days!

  3. Thank you, thank you for such an encouraging post! And that verse... perfect for today! I love, love reading your blog, I always walk away feeling encouraged.

  4. what a delight, to have such a daughter! praise jesus! thanks for nailed it. this is my season, too. i love it with all my heart, but often grow weary. so grateful for the encouragment and wisdom of others! love ya. xo

  5. LOVE this! i, too, am in this season and find great encouragement from that verse and the SCC song. thanks for this sweet post--your daughter is blessed to have you for an understanding mom!

  6. Thank you for sharing. It was a perfect way to start my day. :)

  7. so very sweet, what a treasure to have such sweet words written about your daughter.

    thank you for the encouragement...some days i wonder if i'm really "doing any good" with my life.


  8. wow! what a great post honoring your daughter. i hope that i am a good of a supporter of my children as you are. *i need help in that department.
    i have never heard this song I love it.

  9. This song has been stuck in my head all day! love!

  10. What a sweet tribute to your daughter!
    And I love that clothes hanger bible verse. I'm pinning it. :0)

  11. You are such a good momma! Thank you for honoring what God has called her to. Love the song!

  12. I love this. Thank you for sharing.
    And thank you for lifting up your daughter and all of us moms who are doing a work sometimes despised by the world.
    You blessed me.
    Love from,


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