Saturday, November 21, 2015


This is a repost of a repost. Forgive me for that. But the words still ring true and the story remains so the same and it's one that is always relevant to our lives.

For those who are grieving this holiday season, God sees you. He knows the big hole in your heart and is acquainted with every tear.   He cares even on days when it feels like He doesn't.  Trust him with your broken pieces and He will make you whole again.  He is the Mender of all things. He binds our broken heart with His grace and then fills us with His joy.  And before we even realize it, the pain is  less consuming and the smiles are more frequent.


Most of my friends and family know this story and why the word JOY means so much to me. I wanted to share this again though.  I posted it two years ago.  Some of you may remember it.  But I need to remember it too.  I need to be reminded of how God cares about the little things in our lives.  I need to be reminded of His faithfulness to His children.  I need to be reminded of His tenderness and how He comforts like no other can. 

I pray as we enter into this beautiful season of celebrating the birth of our Savior, you will see the word JOY with a fresh set of eyes and be reminded of His great love for you.



I love that little three letter word.  It is rich with meaning.
Some people are so good at spreading joy.
Some are simply full of joy.
Some people are aching for a little joy in their life.

No matter who we are, we all want to experience joy.

Joy is something we experience because of Jesus.
He alone is where lasting joy comes from.
Anything else is fools gold... It may look good for a while but eventually the "pretty" wears off and we are left empty and discontented.
We can experience joy in the midst of terrible circumstances.... Even spread joy during those times.

The word joy is special to my family.
The reason goes back several years now. August 2004

My brother, Greg, was killed in a car accident at the age of 39.
As so many of you can testify to,  when a tragedy strikes and death interrupts our lives it turns your world upside down. A normal day turns into a nightmare with one phone call and we are left forever changed. Different. 
Never to be the same again.

My brother was a character. He was always into something... Often trouble.
He had a smile that would light up the room and a laugh that was infectious. If he made you mad, you couldn't stay that way for long.
Spiritually, we never knew for sure where Greg stood with the Lord. He would profess one thing, but lived his life a whole other way.

But three weeks before his accident my husband preached a revival in our home town in the church my other brother pastored. Greg came every night and was under much conviction. He talked with me and my husband about his salvation and he felt like that week he "got things right" with the Lord as he surrendered his life to Jesus.  (little did we know what was to come just weeks later).

What gives me hope that this was genuine is that we talked a couple of times after the revival and he had been reading God's word ... Even asking us questions about scripture. When we packed up his house and things, his bible was open by his bed with things underlined and hi-lited. 
This has given us a peace.

One of the nights after revival services, we were all walking across the parking lot and Greg noticed a licence plate with the letters j.o.y..... He said "look... The word joy. You know,  we have joy whens Jesus Owns You."  Well, we were floored at his insight! (Romans 6)  It probably wouldn't have been as profound if my preacher husband or my older preacher brother had said it... But coming from Greg we were so excited.

Well, fast forward several months after his death and my mom was trying her best to deal with the pain and her grief.  She had been reading books on grief and had recently read one that told of man who was missing his adult daughter who had died.  He was aching for her presence and went for a walk to just be "doing something".  While he was walking, the scent of jasmine overwhelmingly surrounded him which was odd because it was not the season for jasmine to be in bloom.  Jasmine was his daughter's favorite flower and he instantly felt as if the Lord had heard his broken heart that was filled with the ache of missing his daughter.  He felt the "out of season jasmine" was straight from the heart of a loving God sent to comfort him in a unique way.  

Now back to my mom.....she was having a particularly difficult day where her grief was heavy and she remembered that story and cried out to God..."If You can do that for him, why can't You do that for me?!"  And at that very moment she glanced at her shelf where she had the word JOY sitting out with her Christmas decorations that had been there for weeks.  But this time she saw them differently as the Lord reminded her of what Greg had said.... J.O.Y.  Joy comes when Jesus Owns You.  

That was like balm to her hurting heart.  It was enough for that day to carry her through.  She shared that with us and now we all see the word JOY in a different light.  Our God is so faithful to make His grace abound in our lives....and it is ALWAYS sufficient.

I'm so thankful for a God who hears us and cares for us and knows just what we need at the exact moment we need it.
His grace is always enough.

Do you know the J.O.Y. I'm talking about?
It really is what Christmas is all about and why we celebrate.
Jesus was born to deliver us from our sin so that we can follow Him. 

Only then do we experience J.O.Y....the real stuff.

(If you love the big red Joy sign in the picture by my back door, my sweet friend Tara at Between You and Me Signs  blessed me with it.  It will stay up year round. I'm not even kidding. I love it that much. She is offering a 15% discount on any of her signs.  Just use HONEYHOLDEN15.   Hurry and get your order in before next friday (Nov 27) though if you want it in time for Christmas.)

Monday, October 26, 2015

Stitch Fix News and my latest fixes

Stitch Fix now has it's own app!

As of now, it's exclusively for iPhone.  It gives you easy access to your profile and makes sharing notes and feedback with your Stylist super easy.  AND for the first time ever, Stitch Fix has profile photos.  With the app you can upload a profile picture to share with your Stylists so your Fixes are even more personalized.   Holla!

So I had to pull out my Stitch Fix selfie stick #saywhat? and take a pic for my profile.  
Super Fun times ahead!

If you would like the app for yourself, just click here.

Okay now for a couple of my last fixes.  I think this is 26 and 27.  
It just dawned on me as I was posting these pics that I skipped a fix.
It was the month I went to China and my favorite pants of all time was in it.
Skinny cargo pants!  Oh my word. So comfortable that I chose to wear them on the 15 hour flight there and the flight back home (where we ended up sleeping on the floor in LAX.)
I looked through my phone and found a few everyday pics while I was wearing them.   Because y'all will want to request them.  They have such good structure. They hold you in in all the right places.

This was taken the morning I left for China.  I was trying so hard to be brave.

We had lunch with Lydia and my mother-in-law.  
I wore my favorite "Live Courageously" shirt to help pump me up. 

This was taken the other day in a dressing room. And yes.... I did indeed buy that Breakfast Club tee. 
I also kept a really cute striped swing tank that I also took with me to China.  And a fabulous army green bag/purse with leather straps.  I adore it. But I couldn't find a pic to include.  I will try to remember to share it next time.

But here are the other two fixes.  
What I kept and what I sent back....

These wine colored skinnies.
I loved them.  They were keepers.  I don't know what magic Stitch Fix uses on there pants and jeans but I pretty much keep 99% of the ones they send. They always have stretch to them but structure. I'm finding out that is golden at my age. Stretch and structure. 

Next was this aztec tank.  Was not a fan. I sent it back.
The sweater though is one from a fix earlier in the year that I just adore.  
It's super soft and buttery. And I love the color.

Next up was this sweater.
I liked it.  But I didn't love it.
And I'm trying to only purchase things I love.

So I sent this one back. 

I did however keep this necklace.  I loved the gray mixed with the gold and white. 
(Ignore the lipstick on my teeth.  My photographer was slipping in his duties. Good thing he's so stinking cute. lol)

And last was this little tank.  It fit terrible.  It was so wonky and not flattering at all. I had to cover up with a sweater to take a picture of it.  It was super cute but just not my size.

In my next fix my stylist sent me this dress. I had requested dresses that I could wear in December when Dressember cranks up again.  So I wanted something I could wear with boots and tights.

I will probably have to wear a slip extender under this one even with tights because it's a little short, but I loved the retro pattern and even liked it with jeans for a funky look.  
It was a keeper.

Next up was this top.
I had communicated with my Stylist that I didn't really care for all the aztec looking prints as much anymore and that for me, Boho was more about cotton tops with embroidery and crochet.  
She was listening and this was definitely an improvement.
It was a keeper.  

I also had requested a cargo jacket or vest which she let me know they were out of in my size at the time of this fix.  So she sent me this cape kind of sweater.
It was big on me and felt sloppy.
 And even though I did like the uniqueness of this piece, I didn't love it.
So it went back.

I've been wanting a great pair of flair jeans and requested them in this fix. I had liked a few posts to give my stylist an idea of what style.  She sent the exact pair I "liked" on instagram   but they were not the best pick for my body type.  They were in my size but from the juniors department or something. (This pic makes them look big but I promise they were tiny)  
No stretch and structure with these babes!
 SO sadly, they went back.

Last was this yummy bracelet from 31 Bits.  I love to purchase with purpose and told them to include their stuff as much as possible. They are a company similar to my favorite Noonday which I wish Stitch Fix would carry. 

Well there you have it.   
I have a fix that will be arriving in a couple of days.  I hope I share it with y'all sooner than later.

In the meantime, I'll be over here uppin' my game with my new selfie stick Stitch Fix sent me.

If you want to find out more about getting in on the fun and having your very own box of goodies delivered to your door, just click below.

ps. For those of you sweet people who were following my Hanging with Honey series, I kinda fell off the wagon and then got rolled over by it.  Ughh. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bedazzled No Carve Pumpkins {Hanging with Honey : Day 14}

Well this little project was never intended to be a DIY post for this blog.  It was totally just something fun and "Fall-ish" for us to do on Porterville Night.  If I had had this post in mind from the beginning, I would have taken some specific pics of supplies and all that biz.  And I would have bought some serious bling bling to bedazzle them in the best kind of way.

But this is real life y'all.  This was not staged to make a pretty Pinterest pic or to create a blog post.  It was just us doing life that happened to turn into a blog post. Now you can truly see how easy it is to do a fun project with stuff you already have without spending any extra money.   Sure...I ain't gonna lie....I wanted more gems and pearls to bling it out big time, but we had the same amount of fun without them.  And the having fun part is where I gauge the success.

I came up with this idea strictly because a few years back, we discovered that my girls are allergic to pumpkin.  Who knew?  We didn't.  We hadn't carved a pumpkin in years and now they were all grown up and I thought it would be fun.  After scooping out all the insides and carving it all up,  by the end of the night, they were both covered in red splotches and whelps. 

So now we stick to painting pumpkins.  But to be totally honest, I didn't feel like dragging out all my paint and our pumpkins were tiny so we didn't have much of a "canvas" to work with.  So I rummaged through some of my stash and decided we could use push pins and tacks and see what we come up.  

I loved the results.
So easy and so cute.
We didn't use the first bit of glue of any kind.  It was mess free. Holla.

Some of the supplies I had on hand were:
  • colored tacks
  • gems that have little holes so you can use push pins to secure them (see picture in cup)
  • beads
  • silver tacks
  • push pins with colored balls on top
  • pearl corsage pins
  • brass fasteners
  • page reinforcers 

We had Carolyn hanging out with us so I tried to find something that would be easy for her to create with.  I dug around and found a pack of page reinforcers.  They were perfect to make cute polka dots on her pumpkin.

We even convinced Nick to join us and he did his entirely using stick pins.

Carolyn had a ball and her pumpkin was almost as cute as she is.
She kept holding it up and would look at it and then declare it was perfect.
But then she would keep on adding stuff.  A girl after my own heart. 

She was so proud of it.

We gave her the job of "Pumpkin Judge".  
She took it seriously as you can see in this pic.
She said, 
" First Place...Bruda Nick.  Second Place.....Lidi.
Ummm.....Third Place...Hmmmmm.  I guess that would be me.
Fourth Place....that's you Stephy."

Ouch. We all died laughing. 

Here are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winners.
The honorable mention (I prefer that over last place) is the one taking the picture.  As in me.

 It was a ton of fun.
But be warned....the only hazard to this project is the "pumpkin pee".
They do squirt and leak.  Lydia found this out on her drive home.

Happy Fall y'all!
Be sure to tag me on instagram if you bedazzle a pumpkin of your own. I'd love to see them!


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dogwood Cottage B&B in Eupora, Mississippi {Hanging with Honey : Day 13}

I shared with y'all yesterday some of the places we explored while staying in Eupora, Mississippi.
Today I want to share with y'all the heartbeat of what made this little town so special in our book....
Dogwood Cottage Bed & Breakfast and the sweet lady who owns it.
It was like finding a nugget of gold.

Sometimes when we travel out of town for Nick to preach revivals, the church provides a hotel for us.  Sometimes we stay with church members who have a spare bedroom.  We have stayed in cabins and lake houses of generous people who have opened them up for the traveling preacher.   Either way, it's always a blessing getting to enjoy christian fellowship and hospitality.

This week, we experienced that at it's finest thanks to Mrs. Carol Freels as she used her gifts to be a blessing.

I always bring my good camera with all of my lens when we travel.  Except this time. Womp womp. And boy did I want my kick myself.  Everywhere I turned there was beauty that I would have loved to capture with my Nikon but for some reason that I still can't figure out, it got left behind.  All of these pics are were snapped with my phone but I think you will get the feel of how inviting this place is.

The "Blue Room" is where Nick would drink his coffee and read the Word in the morning.
(Which by the way, Ms Carol made a really great cup of coffee.)
I couldn't get enough of that stained glass.
And as posed as these pics look, he really was reading.  He's used to my shenanigans after all these years and just goes about his business as much as he can.  lol.

I didn't snap any pics of our bedroom.  (I KNOW!)
But if our bathroom is any indicator,  then you can imagine how wonderful and plush it all was. I experienced some of the best sleep I've had in a long time in the king sized bed.  Her linens and pillows were all incredible.  And clean.  Holla!

This was the formal dining room.  She has beautiful polish pottery everywhere.
It's simply stunning.

However, we never sat at the formal table because we were always busy hanging out in this wonderful little area of the house.

So many wonderful meals were experienced each morning and the conversations were even better.

 I was blessed to meet some of Mrs. Carol's family and enjoyed hearing their amazing testimonies of God's faithfulness.  Our mornings in Eupora were some of my most favorites in all our traveling.
(So thankful for you two, Stephanie and Holly! xxoo)

I'm just so thankful for Mrs. Carol  and that the Lord chose to cross our paths.

She has a great love for stained glass and has beautiful pieces all over the house.
Several of them were made by one of her daughters, Lynn, who we had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with too.  We just didn't think to snap a pic.
Seriously though, so much talent in this beautiful family.

There is also a beautiful covered back porch and yard that is so peaceful and serene.  I spent quite a bit of time out here reading God's word and studying.

This was one of my favorite things even though these pictures do not do it justice.
She calls it her Window House.  And she and her daughters, who happen to be architects, designed it using old, recycled windows. It's quite magical.

There is so much to explore, that I didn't even see this little spot until the day before we left.

It's a beautiful thing when you see the Body of Christ at work doing what we are each called to do.
There is no doubt that the Lord has equipped Mrs. Carol with an eye for beauty and the gift of hospitality to serve others and help refresh us on the journey. 

She was a breath of fresh air and if you ever find yourself traveling through Mississippi or just need an interesting place to rest and relax, then I recommend Dogwood Cottage in Eupora.  It's the sweetest little refuge and Mrs. Carol is a blessing.  
If you get a chance to go, tell her Honey sent ya and then give her a big ole hug from me.

ps.  I was not asked to share any of this.  This is not a sponsored ad in any way, shape or form.  Just sharing a little of the blessing we received and would love to see others experience the warm hospitality too.  #sharingiscaring  ;)
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