Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Stitch Fix 23, 24 and 25

Hey, hey, heyyy.
So, apparently some of y'all sweet people are still interested in what's showing up in my beautiful turquoise box each month.

I've gotten a little behind so for you inquiring minds who have asked....
I'm gonna show y'all the last three fixes in all their glory....

Fix #23

First up was this cute little navy and gray striped dress.  I loved it.  The fabric is super stretchy and comfortable and the little solid panels on the side is super slimming.  It was a keeper.

Next up was this this halter top.  I loved the colors and the print had a bandanna feel to it.
It was a keeper too.

The third piece in the fix were these jeans.  They were borderline for me. What won me over was their comfort. They have stretch to them and are super quality so I ended up keeping them.

The fourth piece was this maxi dress.  The fabric was SO soft. Super comfortable.  But the front of the dress flopped open.  I had it pinned for this picture but it still gaped open.
Soo it went back.  (the denim vest was from a fix last summer.)

The last thing were these earrings.  They are totally my style.  I seriously loved them.  But didn't feel they were worth the price.   So these went back too.

All in all it was a great fix and kept three out of five pieces. 

Fix #24

First up in this one was this little sleeveless top.  I loved the color. But all in all, it was just ho hum to me.  Nothing special.   So it went back.

Next was this cobalt blue tank.  It's my color according to  Nick  but again, this top was just too ordinary.  It went back too.

But even though the first two were sleepers, this next one made up for it!
I LOVED it.   Now this top has character and adore it.  It was definitely a keeper.

The fourth piece was this great dress.  The color was perfect and the neckline and waist with all the rousing is super flattering. It's super lightweight and great to throw in the suitcase for a little weekend trip. (like that's my life. lol)
The fifth piece in the fix was a pair of pants that were not flattering at all...like, I couldn't even take a picture to show you.  

SO I ended up keeping 2 pieces out of five.  Not bad.

Fix Number 25
Unfortunately, this one may have been my least favorite fix.  I didn't even take pictures of the things I didn't keep....which was almost everything.

But I did love this top.  It is a great length and I love the fabric.
It was a definite keeper.
They also sent a fabulous navy blue clutch that would have looked perfect with this outfit.  But I just don't use clutches enough to justify spending the money on them.

This is the perfect little top for date night.
And speaking of dates...here's mine.
He's been my dating me since 1986 and it just keeps getting better and better.

Well there you have it.
Now I'm off to bed.  I leave in the morning for a women's conference that I get the honor of speaking at in Keystone Heights, Florida this weekend.  We normally drive straight through in beast mode everywhere we go. But since I will be in China on our anniversary my sweet man is taking me a day early and we're gonna stop about halfway there for a quick afternoon at the beach!  Then we're gonna crash at cute lil hotel that we scoured the internets for and found a sweet deal on.

I would covet your prayers for this weekend.  May God would be glorified in all that is said and done. I can't wait to meet all the ladies He's gathering together to be encouraged and equipped.
What a blessing to used by Him!

Thanks for hanging out with me for a few minutes!

ps.  If you are interested in getting Stich Fix for yourself just click on the button on my sidebar.
If you have any questions just email at Honeyholden25@gmail.com

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bringing Home Evie Joy

Meet Evie Joy.
She currently lives on the other side of the world,  in China.  In almost two weeks from now,  I'll be hopping on a plane and flying 15 hours to help bring this precious little girl home to her forever family.

I honestly don't know how this happened.  Well, I take that back.  I do know how it happened. The Lord did His thing. But I'm still in awe/shock that He chose me to be a part of it.  

Meet the Peterson Family.

What started as a casual comment during a fellowship meal at a revival Nick preached back in April, evolved into me being their "Plan B" just in case Tyler couldn't go when their travel approval went through.  He's a high school football coach and couldn't be gone in August when the season kicks in high gear. Hoping for July,  I honestly never thought I'd actually be going because we prayed so earnestly for them to be able to experience this special event together.  I'm all about those happy endings and wanted it so bad for Erica and Tyler.

But God had other plans and now I have the privilege and honor to be a part of this precious family's incredible journey to bring their daughter home.  I am finally over the shock of the fact that means going to China to do it.. Being on a plane for 15 hours and being away from Nick and my tight little family that I love so dear.  I won't lie and tell you I was excited at first.  Fear and anxiety would be more like it.  But the Lord has done a work in my heart already and we haven't even left.  One fellow empty nester sister on instagram said it best...." I am loving the way God uses us at this stage of life. The ministry of being available is a beautiful blessing."  YES!   Nick and I share all the time how "We're making the best of our empty nest".  My availability with my time now that our girls are grown and married has allowed me to be able to serve others in new ways! Just a few years ago, I wouldn't have been able to go.  This TOO is also making the best of our empty nest.  I love that perspective and that God would choose me to be serve in such a way.  

So I'm putting laying down my fears and I'm going to the other side of the world to be His hands and feet for this family.  Not because I'm anything special or super sweet or experienced or qualified.  I'm none of that.  
I'm just available.  
And that is all God requires. 
A willing vessel.  

And speaking of willing vessels,  
I asked Erica if she would share her adoption story and this is what she told me.
The Lord put adoption on my heart many years ago.  Long before I was ever married or even knew who my husband would be, God began to give me a heart for the orphan.   Adoption wasn’t foreign to me.  I had casually heard of people adopting, but I had never really known anyone personally that had done it and I had never really given it much thought.   You see, I had no idea that there were millions of orphaned children in the world and that many of them would never be adopted.  I didn’t know that there were precious children in the world literally starving to death or laying in hospital beds without a mom or dad at their side.  I didn’t know that many of them turn to prostitution or drugs when they “age” out of the orphanage because they have no family…no education…no hope.

 And then God interrupted my way of thinking, and placed a passion in my heart for the “least of these”.  It started when I heard the story of Christian artist, Stephen Curtis Chapman and his wife, tragically losing their adoptive daughter.  That story broke my heart for their family, and it also sparked a fire in my heart for adoption.  The more I learned about the fatherless, the more I felt that I had to do something.  You see…to whom much is given, much is also required.  I had been given MUCH and the Lord was revealing to me what was required.

 Before I even met my husband, I began to pray that God would open his heart to the possibility of adoption, and God answered BIG!  Although, Tyler did not have the same passion as I did (at first), he was very open to researching and learning more about adoption.  AND THEN GOD!!...He used Tyler’s respect for me and willingness to share in my passion to completely break my husband’s heart also.  I’ll never forget the day Tyler looked at me and said, “It’s easy to live in our own little world, but once you know, you’ve gotta do something.”   Our story is not a “burning bush” moment, but it is listening to the still, small voice of our Creator and being obedient to His calling for our life.   We just want to do something!

Amen!!  What a beautiful example of surrender! I'm so blessed by their obedience and expect the Lord to teach me so much through Erica's passionate heart for "the least of these" as we're together in China.  We ask that you pray for us both. Pray for little Evie Joy's heart as she is taken from the only world she knows, and given to the lady who she is still yet to learn already loves her fiercely.  I've read enough to know that "Gotcha Day" and the days and weeks that follow can be really hard.  Pray for Evie Joy to sense our great love for her that transcends all cultures and language barriers. I haven't even met her and it she feels like another little grand daughter to me.  

We leave on August 7th....almost two weeks from now and there are still needs to be met with our travel expenses. Through this entire process, like so many other families who have stepped out in faith, Erica has never made the astronomical cost of adoption hold her back from this call on their family. She has been so calm, trusting God to provide. Honestly, she never once has told me there was even still a need when it came to our travel expenses...I had to kind of pull it out of her.  Once it was official and I began to share that we were going, several people have asked for a donation link to so they could take part in the blessing too.  We were blown away and honestly didn't have anything set up.  But by the encouragement and help of a couple of "adoption veteran" friends of mine, we have set a link to do so if that is something you feel compelled to help with.

So here it is dear friends.  
You can click this picture if you'd like to help in bringing Evie Joy home. Or click the button on my side bar. 

Hopefully I'll be blogging on the trip to share the journey with y'all but definitely will be sharing on instagram.  If you'd like to follow along,   I'm honeyholden and Erica is epeterson1 and we will be using the hashtag #BringingHomeEvieJoy.  We would covet your prayers!

"Now unto Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or imagine "
Ephesians 3:20


Friday, May 15, 2015

Stitchfix 20 and 21

 Hey hey hey!  I've been missing in action around here lately.  
I've got so many things to share and lessons I've learned if I would just sit down long enough to blog about them.   The Lord has had me in a season of "going" right now and life has been busy.  I'm so honored that He would use me and open the doors that He has.  Giving Him glory.

In all my going, I haven't kept y'all up to date on all my Stitch Fix goodness.
These are two of my latest fixes...20 and 21.  We snapped these pictures on a Sunday night after church.  The sun was setting at warp speed so I didn't get to change into different outfits to show the versatility of each piece the way I like to.  But we got er done.  ;)

So... here we go.  Fix number 21

This Necklace.
We didn't take any super close ups but it is gonna be a favorite of mine.  The chain is super dainty and sparkly and the brushed gold feather is going to look great with everything.  Those awesome earrings I'm wearing are from Noonday Collection.  They are made from cow horn.  I love em.   

This Coral Top
I could eat the color.  I love the easiness of the top.  It's flattering and hides my lil muffin top I have picked up from all my traveling and not exercising regularly. (ughh. more on that later)  I adore that I  can totally remember my mom wearing tops almost just like this in the 80's.  Most of all, its brand is Honey Punch.  I mean...I kinda had to.  Plus it was a favorite of Nick's.  This one was a keeper.

This Dress
I instantly loved the colors.  Its a beautiful periwinkle and coral.  Crazy about the print too.  It is borderline too short for me.  I probably won't wear it with the 3 inch wedges I have on in these pictures.  I just couldn't locate my gold flip flops in time to snap these before the sun set.   Again, I love the style because it is flattering to my lil problem area.  Look for this dress to show up really soon in my instagram feed on a certain trip I'm about to embark on.  Eeeeep!  I totally kept it just for that trip.

These Cobalt Blue Pants
I loved the color!  I double LOVE that they had a tummy panel in them.  Super flattering and SO comfortable.  I liked that they are textured. However,  I already have a pair of cobalt blue skinnies that they sent me last summer in Fix 10. Those don't fit quite as nice and flattering as these do, but these were a little pricey so the practical side of me decided not to keep them.  The necklace I have on is from a fix last summer. Fix 14.  I still love it.

This Top
The last piece in this fix was my favorite.  This top.  I love the detail and quality. Again it is a super flattering style and I love the retro feel of it.

When I threw on my high waisted flair leg jeans I knew it was a definite keeper.  I would wear this everyday.  Those awesome beads are vintage that Nick and I found in a great little antique in a little town in Mississippi when he was preaching a revival there.  I always try to find a little sumpin sumpin from each place we travel to and this was a favorite of mine. I think I paid like $3 for them.  #holla    That amazing purse is one designed by a dear friend of mine Jeanne Oliver.  It's fabric is vintage and I would totally marry it if I could. I love it that much.  

So I kept all but the blue pants in Fix 21.

Next are a few things I kept from fix 20.
My entire outfit is Stitchfix.  The jeans are from several fixes ago.  Fix 15. I wear them a ton.

The top is sleeveless and I can't wait to wear it with my white linen pants and flip flops this summer.
The zipper sweater/ hoodie is a favorite.  It's super soft and comfortable and can be zipped up for an entirely different look.  Very edgy and modern.    My necklace is from Fix 18.

I kept a great red slug knit pullover, with a big cowl neck and drawstrings too from this fix.  I wish I had a pic to show you.  It looks so cute with white denim skinnies and my converse.

Here is my awesome photographer. 
I mean. How cute is he?
I've been blessed to be his bride for almost twenty seven years now. 
Hashtag blessed.

There ya go.  I hope you enjoyed the pics and maybe got some ideas for a few outfits of your own.
If you ever want to know more about getting a personal stylist yourself and have boxes of goodness delivered right to your door, please don't hesitate to ask me about it.
You can email me at honeyholden25@gmail.com or click the link below.

ps. If you follow me on instagram, be on the lookout for some new pictures of #TheAdventuresofHoneyAndLoni. 
We are pulling out in the morning for #HoneysEpicBirthdayAdventure!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Sweetest Gift

Last week while I was at Elizabeth's she took some pics for me with the grandkids for Mother's Day.    It was the sweetest gift. 
It was also an adventure with four kids. More specifically, it was an adventure with Nate Dog.
I don't think there were any "perfect" pictures taken at all.   Someone was always not looking.

But like I've told my girls for years..
Perfect is overrated anyways.

cuff by my girl Becky farmgirlpaints
(her shop re-opens Friday!)

My sweet first born Rosalyn.
The one who made me a Honey.
Our deep thinker, quick witted, best dance moves, sometimes bossy, always sweet, doesn't forget a thing, soon to be first grader.

My precious Julia Rose.
The one who recalls every detail of her dreams and has the best morning conversations in the world.
She's our dreamer, peacemaker, left handed artist, deeply sensitive, romantic, funny,  almost kindergartner.

My Little Man Nate
The first grandson
He's our wild child, hilarious, full of energy, hard headed, keeps us humble, loves to lead, all boy,  soon to be fully potty trained (we hope)

My Darling little Hazel Jane
The baby and caboose of this crazy love train
Our little drooler, momma lover, chubby legged, loves to nurse, wiggle worm!
Can't wait to watch your little personality continue to emerge.

Paw Paw
The love of my life and my lover.
He's our wise rock, our problem solver, nurse of the family, the one with all the answers, the one who sees the very best in everyone. Especially me.

And My Dearest Elizabeth
The one who has had to put up with a momma basically growing up with her.
She's a giver,  people lover,  best listener,  deep feeler, patient momma and great friend
Thanks sweet love for always showing your momma grace.
And thank you for taking these pictures for me.
You are so incredibly talented.  I love you.

( For Elizabeth's sake please know that none of these pics are edited.  They are straight out the camera.  Momma was hasty. ;) )
And thank you for those of you who still actually come hang out with me here.
Seriously.  Y'all are the best.

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