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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


(noun)-the passing from one place,state,form,or phase to another
:a change of seasons

Change is consistent and ever present. 
It's always taking place in our lives.

I tend to fight change.
I like things to stay the same.
It's comfortable for me.

God is teaching me to embrace the changes He brings.
I'm often hard headed.
He's so patient.
I'm so thankful.

This picture was taken the summer before my oldest daughter got married.
It hit me as I watched them walk together, this would be the last time it was "just us".. little family of 3 girls the Lord had entrusted to me for a season.
I knew this in my mind..that they were mine for only a season...
But I was about to experience this reality in my heart . this change. a big change.
That was 4 years ago...
   and a lot of change since then.

I found this frame at Dirt Cheap years ago. 
It was scratched up and had imperfections..
but that made me love it all the more.
It represents me in every sense of the word and the truth of God's promise imprinted on it is a constant reminder of what He is up to in the midst of all the change.
I keep it by my bedside.
It reminds me each day as I wake up to a new day and close my eyes to the one that has passed,
God is all about change.
Change is good.

However difficult it may be at the moment,
eventually that change becomes something beautiful.
How do I know this?
I've experienced it time and time again. 
But more importantly.....

Cuz God said so.

Stephanie :)
ps. praying for all you momma's who are experiencing the change of your babies starting kindergarden, or middle school, or jr.high, or high school....
So many sweet and tender posts I have been reading this week.

linking up with Jami for some awesome encouragement going on over there.

and with Krystina
Cuz what I love this Wednesday is being reminded how great God is!

And my sweet friend Pamela.
Bleu Cloud
She's inviting us over for coffee so we can get to know each other!


  1. beautiful words. i LOVE change. when it's my idea:)
    god is shaping me too!! lord, you choose my changes and give me peace. xo

    happy wednesday, stephanie!

  2. Oh I love this! I hate change too - but I love that God always gets us through it.

  3. What a wonderful post. I love reading about your life are a mama who has been through it all, with grace! Thank you so much for sharing your life.

    The Ecc. verse is perfectly fitting. Beautiful words from the Bible. And I love your response to it. Cause God said so. So THERE! hehe

    I have a daughter going off to kindergarten in less than a month. I alternate between excitement and horror. :0)

    Great link ups! :0)

  4. I always so so so enjoy reading your posts! Your love and faith just pour out in every word. Such an inspiration!!

  5. Loved this! I remember feeling that way when my brother got married. As much as I loved my sister-in-law I felt such loss over our little family changing. God works all things together for good ;) Thanks for linking up!


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