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Monday, August 1, 2011

It's a Keeper!

After 23 years of marriage, i sometimes find myself in a rut when it comes to cooking.  
But there will always be our family favorites.
Things like...

  • Roast and gravy with mashed potatoes and peas 
  • Spaghetti and meatballs,
  • Red beans and rice (on Mondays of course, ain't that right Heather )
  • chicken and dumplins and fried okra
Those dishes popped up once every two weeks or so.  Especially when all 3 of my girls were still at home. Back then I made out my menus on Sunday night and cooked a big meal every night of the week...except for Saturdays..we usually ate leftovers. or cereal. 
We almost always ate together at the table.  That was a tradition I made sure our schedules gelled with.
I protected supper time something fierce.  Such treasured times around the dinner table.... it was one of my favorite times of the day.

Lately, its just me and my hubs so I am having to completely revamp my cooking repertoire. 

So........I'm having a blast trying the recipes that y'all have been  posting.
My latest new dish was one I discovered from my friend Pamela on her blog, Bleau Cloud.
It's called "Open-Faced  Chicken Caprese Sandwiches" and I recommend you checking out  her amazing tutorial she posted on how she fixed them!
Just click her mouthwatering picture right here...

We have a major abundance of tomatoes right now from our garden,
 so when I saw this recipe I was like.."Yes!"
Just one of the four counters in my kitchen I had covered in tomatoes!!

Here is my version...before they went into the oven for their toasty yumminess.
I just used what I had on hand, so I put feta cheese on the bottom and fresh parmesean cheese on top.
I forgot to get bread and almost ditched the whole plan and then I was like... "Hey, I can so make my own bread."  And that's what I did.  I felt like the Proverbs 31 Woman. Yay me!

 Here is a pic my hubs took of his plate. He's a instagrammer and proud of it! :)
Oh and that is fresh grown squash sautéed down in butter with onions by the way. Yum-O!

Thanks again Pamela for sharing this easy, delicious and oh so good for you recipe.
My family said....


Stephanie :)
ps. I'm linking up with communal global for Tuesday around the world.


  1. looks so delish. you weren't kidding about the abundance of produce.

    that is a tomato city you have going there.

    but caprese everything sounds SO fresh and summery. yum :)

  2. i LOVE tomatoes. if i lived close i'd totally take them off your hands. all of your cooking endeavors look delectable.

  3. Looks delicious - and I love tomatoes! :-)

  4. This looks amazing. I'm so in love with home grown tomatoes right now. I have a constant supply of tomato salad in my fridge and eat it with almost every meal.

  5. ummm, looks so good. You wanna come cook for us? ha..JK :)

  6. looks yummy! I've been wanting to cook this ever since I saw it on Bleu Cloud as well!

  7. Your dinner looks so yummy!! 23 years of marriage is awesome!!! Way to go!

  8. GIRL!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR AAAALL THE LOVE!!!!! AND you deffinitely stepped it up with that homemade bread and DOUBLE CHEESE!!!!!! =D You deffinitely put a smile on my face this morning, and this recipe is a keeper for us, too!! I couldn't believe how easy, quick and YUM it was! Congrats, my friend!!!! =D

  9. Wow that looks amazing!! Yummy yummy yummy!


  10. Looks really tasty! Congrats on your anniversary. :-)

  11. The sandwiches look good, but what I'd really like is the recipe for your rice and beans! ;0)

  12. wow so many wonderful tomatoes! my son & I grow a little garden every year, a tradition passed on from many generations, and it's always so nice to see what others grown in their garden too!
    Sometimes for a quick lunch we make thin tomato sandwiches with a little mayo on wheat bread. Another favorite is bruschetta and pealing the tomatoes to make home made tomato sauce with basil and other fabulous ingredients we grow. :D

    congratulations on your anniversary!!

  13. Don't ya just love Pam @ Bleu Cloud!! I had the privilege of recently meeting and her and now I am able to call her friend! Thanks for sharing this, I too think it's a KEEPER!

  14. Jamie.. my sister in law, Heather, just posted her recipe for red beans and rice.. We both were taught by the same woman..our awesome Mom-n-law so I thought I'd just pass her link on to ya. Enjoy :)


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