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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Getting my Fix on

I've honestly lost count what number fixes these are.  Like 27 and 28 or something. These are the ones I received in December and January and if you follow along on Instagram with me then you know about my hashtag #wearingwhatweloveandlovingwhatweweare.  It's basically me sharing my journey of enjoying myself, my appearance, and my reflection in the mirror right now and not 25 lbs from now.  Don't get me wrong,  Nick and I are working on our health...those extra pounds we have put on over the last several months with all the traveling and holidays and whatever.  But I made the decision to extend myself grace and not be critical of the "fluffy" me right now.  To free myself up to accept and love and enjoy the journey.  We can beat ourselves up easily when we go to throw on those favorite pair of jeans and they no zipbutton up.  I don't want to live frustrated and mad at myself.  So I'm not.

And thus began #wearingwhatweloveandlovingwhatwewear.  My new rule of thumb is, if it doesn't make me feel confident then I don't wear it.  Our clothes should be an extension of what's going on inside of our hearts.  Godly confidence and His joy..being content with how He created what pulls any outfit together and makes someone look amazing.
Not the brand. Not the trend of the week.  Not how much or how little it costs.  

So while I'm doing temple maintenance on this old body of mine, I'm for sure keeping my eye on the prize but I'm also gonna enjoy the journey. And I'm blown away by so many ladies who are joining me!  Those who have been encouraged to quit being their own worse critics.  Ladies who, like me, are changing lanes....and instead of getting frustrated over the fact that favorite outfit no longer looks great on, they are finding what works for their bodies right now and working it for all it's worth.  Celebrating feeling good about our appearance and having a heart of gratitude for all the Lord is doing in our lives.

Whew.  I just love it.
So with all that said.  Here are my last two fixes combined.  What I kept and what I sent back. 

First up are these jeans. I've said it before but I'll say it again....I don't know how they do it but their jeans are THE BEST.  They always have the right amount of stretch to them and they are the most comfortable jeans I own.  I almost always keep the jeans they send.  And they are like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants....jeans I bought from two years ago STILL fit me...even with 20 extra pounds. It's crazy or magic or something.  I can't figure it out but I love them.  Just about every pair of pants or jeans you see in my posts on Instagram came from Stitch Fix.  I love them.

And these distressed flare jeans are no exception. 

They have that magic stretch in them and they are high waisted. #holla!
And the color denim is perfect.  I requested a blue denim pair after receiving a pair of black denim that is pictured below.  My stylist, Catherine, listened and I couldn't be happier.  (The vest on the right is from a fix a couple of months ago. I think November's fix and it was the only thing I kept that month.)

Next up is this cobalt trench coat.  I LOVE the color and it's a comfortable, stretchy jersey kind of material.  Perfect weight for our mild winters around here in the south.  This came in my December fix and I almost didn't keep it because it was a little on the big side.  But I loved the color and comfort so much I went for it.   It wasn't very expensive so when it gets too big, I won't feel bad about passing it on for someone else to enjoy.

This top though!!  This is the perfect example of "don't knock it til you try it on".  I wasn't crazy about it in the box.  But when I tried it la la.  I LOVED it.  It compliments my hair color and matches my favorite lipstick to the T.  (Revlon Siren)   I'm so  glad I tried it on.

This next top came in January's fix.  I LOVED it too!  I love the color and the tassels and I thought it flattered my figure.  I really felt great in it.  But sadly, I didn't keep it.   It was a little pricey and I had already kept the top above from the previous fix  and the cobalt blue one below.  So regretfully, I sent it back. Such a bummer

This next one came in December's fix and I loved the color but wasn't 100% about the fit.  I shouldn't have kept it not being totally in love with it.  Then I could have snagged the one that came in January's fix.   But overall, It's a great top.

These are the black denim flares that I loved so much in December's fix.  Super comfortable, high on my waist which holds me in where I need it with just enough stretch.  These are what prompted me to ask for the blue denim's that I love so much.

This little top is from a fix this time last year and I still love it.  In fact, I wore it on my first plane ride when my grand daughter, Hazel was born.  She has her first birthday next week and I can't believe how time has flown.  Like I'm not even kidding.  My necklace is also from a previous fix and is still a favorite of mine.

This cardigan was in January's fix and it was not a keeper. It was cute and I could definitely pair it with a lot in my closet but I it had no wow factor and I didn't love it. So I didn't keep it.

And last was this dress.  I went round and round trying to decide if I was gonna keep it.  It was a great price and I needed a new dress or two that was this length....PERFECT length.  But again...I didn't love it.  So I didn't keep it. 
(My stylist also sent me a GORGEOUS kelly green dress with crotchet overlay that was beautiful but alas, it didn't fit me in any of the right places...not even enough to snap a quick pic.)

So. This top and these jeans. They were hands down my favorite two pieces from the two fixes.  
And I think it shows on my face.  

What I love so much about Stitch Fix is how well my stylist, Catherine, has listened to me.  I shared with her my trouble places on my body that I now need to choose the right clothes to cover and flatter and she has consistently listened and followed through.

I can't wait to see what she has in store for this month.

If you're interested in getting a little box full of fun delivered to your door from your very own personal stylist, then just click the banner below.



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