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Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday faves

It's Friday! Wha?!
Seriously, lately time is flying by at warp speed.
Here's some of the my favorite stuff from the week..

These stamps!
Ain't they the cutest?
I couldn't wait to use one on my letter to my Pen Friend..Marie!  Holla!

This night at home with my girls.
There was bacon cheese fries_ painting_ sewing _and cupcake baking going on.
And did I mention this took place on a FRIDAY night?
Miracles still happen!

Getting to ship out a bunch of these! 
Whoop WHoop!
I was so nervous about opening up shop.
I feel like Sally Fields the night she won an Oscar...
"You like me! You really like me!"
To God be the glory!

Getting this pic sent from my son-n-law.
In our family we call this "Honey Hair".
Poor Rosalyn has a bad case of it here!
(I say it's a blessing...means we slept goooood!)

Having Lauren take home-ec her last year of school.
She learned the joy of crock pot cooking.
I learned the joy of having supper cooked by my daughter!

(The dish was "Cheesy Chicken and Rice" in case you're wondering...and it was delish!)

Logging on to Facebook and seeing these two beautiful pics taken and posted by my daughter Elizabeth....

Nate's first trip to the  park.. he's not all that impressed but his sisters are in love with him.

Playing with playdoh and Elizabeths breakthrough moment as a momma
when she realized its better that the girls just have fun than it is making sure they don't mix the colors!
I'm so proud!

The one day of the week I actually put down my hot glue gun and got dressed..

And last but not least...getting my new necklace in the mail from The Adopt Shoppe!
I can't begin to tell you how much I love this necklace.
In watching out for my first give away!
I am so thankful for each and every one of you that take the time to read my ramblings on here.
I was planning on doing something to celebrate when I reached 100 followers but I was staying with my daughter helping out after the arrival of Nate when it happened!
My intent was to give away a copy of my favorite devotion book, Streams in the Desert...
But since then, I discovered and fell in love with everything Kate has in her shop..
SO...Stay tuned! 
 I'll be posting the details of the giveaway SOON and all about Kate's story.

Happy Friday!
Stephanie :)

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A girl and her IPad

One of my favorite blogging ladies is a fellow pastor's wife who happens to live on the other side of the world.  Ms. Kristy of Paisley Jade from the lovely Australia  ...I mean NEW ZEALAND!! (Thanks for the correction Kristy and being your normal sweet self about it!)
She hosts one of my favorite link ups too..

Here is her reason for starting the link up which I love and agree with completely!..
"I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is." 

Well, the thing I'm loving this week (ok....all the time!) is my IPad2.
I would like to say the reason is because of all the educational stuff it can provide like you see on the commercials but for me I have 3 main reasons I love it so:
1. Facetime

2. Foto editing 
 (yeah, I know that's not how you spell photo but I'm married to a preacher so the illiteration of stuff just kinda happens around here.)
3. Fun

Anyhoo, here is the day way back in May the little beauty arrived..
Yes, I still use hot rollers.

Who knew back then of all the fun this pretty pink lady would bring our family once we got her all synced up.

1. My all time favorite reason I love her so is Facetime!

When I was away from my man,  while helping my daughter, 
I still got to see his face :)
And Rosalyn got to see her Paw Paw..

Of course the best is when me and Paw Paw are here and  have been missing the grandbabies....we  can just call em up and "visit".
Yeah Facetime is pretty awesome for us long distance Honey's.

2. Photo editing:  This is what I find myself using my ipad for the most. And no need to post a bunch a pics cuz, just look around....most of my pics I've posted have been done on this thing.

3. FUN!  Oh my, have we had fun on this "educational tool".  
Pure silliness I tell ya!

We make our own comics...
 (and for the record, Toot Toot is my nickname for Roslayn...not an activity!)

We try new "do's"
Jules and her updo
 Her J-Lo look

Her Justin Beiber

And our all time fave...Her Eddie Munster/Elvis look.

Oh, and we all really loved this new look for Nick..

We love swapping our this one of Marcus:

(we've always said he's an "old soul")

Rosalyn loves Photo booth.... She could sit for hours doing this...
(I don't know where she gets it.  cough cough.)
yeah..that's mostly just me and Roz in the pictures!
Kinda scary I know.

And then there was the time my whole family was together  in a camphouse for 4 days doing mostly eating for our recreation...
We decided to see what we would eventually look like if we kept it up....

 Me and Rosalyn's FAVORITE thing is Pocket Booth..... 
but I'm gonna save that for a whole other day.
ok. ok.  here's one...

The last one for today is kinda more creepy than fun.
Here ya go...

Don't say I didn't warn ya!

Stephanie :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ms Pat

This is what we came home to after our grandson was born.
Ms Pat, the sweet lady in our church that changes our sign, has done this when all three of our grandchildren were born.

It lets us know we are loved, that we are family and that even our grown children who live hours away are their family too.

(I have  a pic of Rosalyn's sign too but couldn't find it this morning..)

Ms Pat is one of the most thoughtful people I know.  
She remembers the little things that make you feel so special.
Like, she will bring my youngest Nilla brand vanilla wafers.... 
Why Nilla brand?
Cuz Ms Pat listens.
When my youngest made the comment several years ago about how much she likes those 
and that I only buy the store brand, 
Ms Pat made note of that. 
And every now and then, she brings a box of "the good stuff" to Lauren.  
So small, yet so thoughtful and so meaningful.

She never forgets about my grandchildren, or ANY child that comes to our church..
Whether its a small coloring book, story book or writing pad...
she always has a little happy to make them feel welcome.

She created a "Barnabas Box" at our church that has a folder for every family.
When you want to encourage someone she has made it convenient to do it.
She already has blank note cards and pens to jot down a quick word and drop it in their folder.
She's just thoughtful like that.
I'm sad and ashamed to admit, that I have not used this wonderful resource as I should.

And that's what provoked me to share this today.
When something so small can touch someone so big...
Why am I not doing more of it?

Plain and Simple.
Let's just call it what it is.

Ms Pat is just as busy as me or maybe even more busy than me.
Yet, she always finds  makes the time for other people.
I want to be like Ms Pat.
An encouragement to the people around her.

We always have these great ideas but until we do them, that's all they are..
an idea.  in our head.  not helping a soul.


"Lord, help me today to follow through with the ideas You give me for the people You put on my heart.
Forgive me of my selfishness and help me to get out of "my own little world" and make an impact for You on the people You have put in my life and allowed to cross my path today."

What do you need to follow through with today?
Go do it!  
You may be the vessel that God uses to rock someones world!

Stephanie :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pure Randomness..

I thought I'd let y'all in on some random facts about me every now and then.  Here is my first dose of randomness:

1. I've never flown before. Ever.  But I would love to some day though...and the commercials for the new show "Pan Am" tv show makes me want to hop on an airplane yesterday!  {I missed the premiere last night...anyone see it?  I hope it's not raunchy cuz I love watching nostalgic stuff... y'all let me know if it's worth tuning in to}

2.  Me and my girls have a crush on Mr. Hamilton.   Ain't he just dreamy? 

3.I hate Coke, Pepsi, or any "Cola" tasting drink!  Bleh!
And where I'm from, we use the word "Coke" for all carbonated 
drinks.. Like we will say, "Hey,will you grab me a Coke?" even 
when we want Dr.Pepper.  Crazy, I know.

4.  I love pickled beets!  I can eat them right out of the jar!

5.  I sang the national anthem once in the New Orleans Superdome!  Our high school played for the state championship that year...that's me 3rd one from the left.  I sing alto...although "certain people" in my family tell me I actually sing bass.  I'm cool with that. I say rock what ya got and use what the Lord gave you for His glory! 
Hope your Monday is fabulous!Stephanie :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

So Long Summer

Thanks for all the fun we had together Summer!
See ya next year!
Now on to pumpkin hunting
caramel apples
cute sweaters
cold noses
and homemade soup!

Happy Fall Y'all :)

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