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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I was raised on "The Street"

Funny story about this shirt.

This week while I was staying with Elizabeth, I came out of the bedroom after  getting dressed for the day. Rosalyn, my 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter was busy playing in the living room.
 When I walked into the room, she looked up,  gasped,  stopped dead in her tracks, threw her arms to her side, and said as serious as can be, in her sweet little southern drawl,
 "I.      Wont.      That.      Shirt!" 
 (translated for y'all non country-talking folks... want that shirt.)
 I felt like we were in an episode of ICarley or something. So dramatic.... I dont know where she gets this stuff. ;) It was all I could do to not tinkle right then and there.  And by the way,  I'm thrilled she shares my appreciation for Big Bird and and all the crew on Seseme Street :)....that was my Yo Gabba Gabba  back in my day!

This entire outfit came from Dirt Cheap. My all time favorite store. 
My sweater was $2. My t-shirt was $2. And I splurged on my skirt and paid a whopping 5 bucks...but only cuz it's a basic piece that I can wear with everything.
 I'm serious.. $5 is way more than what I spend at D.C.

This girl's growing up... Literally.
She has outgrown just about everything so i was forced to take her shopping.
She and I had a "Honey and Toot Toot Day"
Here's what we wore..
I'm sportn' my same blue $2 sweater with a striped tank from dirt cheap with a ruffled skirt from tjmaxx.

Miss Thang is wearing her gray cropped cardi with a long white cami and a black tuile skirt. 
And take note of the pink converse she is rockn'.
We were all set to shop til we dropped.

Here she is all smiles after finding a new necklace just like me and her momma wear. 
We found this little cutie at The Children's Place.

Her favorite find of the day...
Her new gray suede ruffled boots! She even has a pair of pink knee high socks peeking out. We found the boots at K-Mart for all you inquiring minds. They come in black and plum too.

And she really loves the fact they they look like her Aunt Lauren's boots :)

Nothing like finishing up a long day of shopping with a little ice cream.
Already looking forward to the next time :)

Well...that's what we wore.
I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for "What I Wore Wednesday".
Go check out what everyone else is wearing these days :)
pleated poppy


  1. ahhhhhh! She is soooooo cute!!! I told my husband the other day the best part about having a daughter is dressing her up and doing her! Those boots are dalring!!! I need to check out kmart asap!

  2. She is so adorable! I agree with the above, I want to go check out Kmart now

  3. You guys are so darn cute! Love the "accent"!

  4. You might be coolest Grandma ever.... Live that little necklace

  5. "Miss Thang" sure knows how to shop! lol, she is so completely adorable. And so into fashion. How cute.
    I love Sesame Street waaaaay more than Yo Gabba Gabba. Yikes.

  6. Oh how I love a southern "drawl"! LoL I have family in Mississippi, Texas, Alabama and I LOVE hearing them talk!! Love Miss Thang's boots too. ;0)

  7. Love the Sesame Street t-shirt. I wont one too :)
    xo Jana

  8. At Christmas this year, my MIL was telling us about this neat store called Dirt Cheap. Until just now, I thought it was just a local store but I checked out their website. I've already told my husband I want to go next time we're in town!! As he said "sounds just like my kind of store"! :)


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