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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sugar and Spice and everything nice

Up until September 2nd its pretty much been a
"Girls World" around here at The Honey Pot.
But with the arrival of our grandson,(yay!) my sweet hubs and son-in-law are beginning to gain a little ground.
My girls and I have watched a little more football than usual and pink is now not the only color in our world anymore.

I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago while staying with my daughter to help out with their growing family... 

Yes, things are a changing' for the girls with their little bro now on the scene but here is a little glimpse into one little corner of the world that is all theirs.
And it is all girl.
This was Jules hospital door announcement they used at the hospital.. We removed the date, weight, and height canvas that hung from it and added the swirly canvas it's mounted on.

The both have rocking chairs given to them by their Great-Maw Maw Loni on their first birthday.

Here is Jules enjoying hers...

Such sweetness.
I know they will share many giggles and dreams and secrets in this room together. 
If they are anything like their mom and aunts, they will probably have "sister voices" they will talk in when silliness overtakes them while lying in their bed...
I can only imagine the conversations that will be had and the memories that will be made.  
My daughter has created a room fit for a princess for
these two little ladies of ours....
 So sweet...

So lady-like....

Well.... maybe we still gotta work on their 
"lady-like" skills.. 

Ok Ok...and so what if Converse are their shoe of choice...
at least they're PINK!! 

Stephanie :)



  1. awwww! It is the exact opposite for us!! I have 9 nephews and no nieces...I live in the land of little boys :)

  2. My favorite part is the tea set... I used to have a lot of those as a little girl.... what a sweet place to grow up!

  3. Awww, so incredibly sweet! And I would LOVE to have had that room as a little girl...or *cough* maybe even now. LoL


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