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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ms Pat

This is what we came home to after our grandson was born.
Ms Pat, the sweet lady in our church that changes our sign, has done this when all three of our grandchildren were born.

It lets us know we are loved, that we are family and that even our grown children who live hours away are their family too.

(I have  a pic of Rosalyn's sign too but couldn't find it this morning..)

Ms Pat is one of the most thoughtful people I know.  
She remembers the little things that make you feel so special.
Like, she will bring my youngest Nilla brand vanilla wafers.... 
Why Nilla brand?
Cuz Ms Pat listens.
When my youngest made the comment several years ago about how much she likes those 
and that I only buy the store brand, 
Ms Pat made note of that. 
And every now and then, she brings a box of "the good stuff" to Lauren.  
So small, yet so thoughtful and so meaningful.

She never forgets about my grandchildren, or ANY child that comes to our church..
Whether its a small coloring book, story book or writing pad...
she always has a little happy to make them feel welcome.

She created a "Barnabas Box" at our church that has a folder for every family.
When you want to encourage someone she has made it convenient to do it.
She already has blank note cards and pens to jot down a quick word and drop it in their folder.
She's just thoughtful like that.
I'm sad and ashamed to admit, that I have not used this wonderful resource as I should.

And that's what provoked me to share this today.
When something so small can touch someone so big...
Why am I not doing more of it?

Plain and Simple.
Let's just call it what it is.

Ms Pat is just as busy as me or maybe even more busy than me.
Yet, she always finds  makes the time for other people.
I want to be like Ms Pat.
An encouragement to the people around her.

We always have these great ideas but until we do them, that's all they are..
an idea.  in our head.  not helping a soul.


"Lord, help me today to follow through with the ideas You give me for the people You put on my heart.
Forgive me of my selfishness and help me to get out of "my own little world" and make an impact for You on the people You have put in my life and allowed to cross my path today."

What do you need to follow through with today?
Go do it!  
You may be the vessel that God uses to rock someones world!

Stephanie :)


  1. it is the little things that mean so much. Too sweet that she remembered and brings Nilla wafers. i love her heart for people...great reminder to go/do the "extra" even if it's a "little". :)

  2. I want to be like Ms Pat too. You are blessed to have her in your life! And I'm sure she feels the same way about you too!

  3. What a wonderful post! Thanks for calling to mind my need to follow through, I am totally guilty of having all these nice thoughts of things I should do for people yet only an embarrassingly small percent actually get done. A sincere THANK YOU for the reminder!

  4. This is such a great reminder! It is so easy to get caught up in our everyday happenings and not look at how we can bless. I want to do this more.


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