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Monday, September 26, 2011

Pure Randomness..

I thought I'd let y'all in on some random facts about me every now and then.  Here is my first dose of randomness:

1. I've never flown before. Ever.  But I would love to some day though...and the commercials for the new show "Pan Am" tv show makes me want to hop on an airplane yesterday!  {I missed the premiere last night...anyone see it?  I hope it's not raunchy cuz I love watching nostalgic stuff... y'all let me know if it's worth tuning in to}

2.  Me and my girls have a crush on Mr. Hamilton.   Ain't he just dreamy? 

3.I hate Coke, Pepsi, or any "Cola" tasting drink!  Bleh!
And where I'm from, we use the word "Coke" for all carbonated 
drinks.. Like we will say, "Hey,will you grab me a Coke?" even 
when we want Dr.Pepper.  Crazy, I know.

4.  I love pickled beets!  I can eat them right out of the jar!

5.  I sang the national anthem once in the New Orleans Superdome!  Our high school played for the state championship that year...that's me 3rd one from the left.  I sing alto...although "certain people" in my family tell me I actually sing bass.  I'm cool with that. I say rock what ya got and use what the Lord gave you for His glory! 
Hope your Monday is fabulous!Stephanie :)


  1. You will love flying... It is so neat to see God's creation from a higher point of view!

    Hey--Hamilton IS kinda cute!

  2. All colas are Coke where I grew up, too. But I do love me some actual Coca Cola :)

  3. I watched the premiere of Pan Am last night and I'm not sure what I think about it yet.... the music was good though :)

  4. i watched Pan Am today on hulu. it was pretty good. not entirely wholesome, but it wasn't too bad compared to a lot of other shows on tv right now. it was really neat to see all the 60's clothing, decor, etc..
    i wish i could say i didn't like coke - i'm pretty much addicted to diet coke! haha...

  5. I wanted to watch pan am too...I was such about how racy it was either ;) My mom grew up calling soda "pop" when she moved to Texas...she didn't understand why everyone was offering her "cokes" . I just gave up diet soda...I got headaches was really hard!!!

  6. this is a super fun post.

    that whole coke for a soda thing is so confusing. i'm a soda girl. but diet coke is my soda of choice.

    you have NEVER flown? i think it's time to change that ASAP. pan am is getting quite the buzz. i'm gonna have to check it out! :)

  7. I'm loving all this "retro-ness" that's going around! And I never noticed ole' Hamilton....with a new do that guy could be mighty fine! LoL


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