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Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Second Fix {stitch fix}

Well I have so much to share these days. Our cruise was incredible and I'm already working on those pics.  And while we were cruising, our amazing friend and photographer finished up all the wedding pics...can't wait to share those.

But first I'm gonna share my second Stitch Fix. When we got back I had a beautiful package waiting on me.  Seriously, it's like Christmas when they arrive. I ripped into that package like a boss...the thrill of seeing what my stylist chose for me is so thrilling.  You can read about my first fix here.

I loved everything in my box this time and it was really hard to choose what I was gonna keep.
I had requested some kind of bottom piece and she sent me a pair of jeans.  The good thing is I loved them...they were so cute.  The bad thing is they were waaay too big.  Which is also a good thing, so that was nice. 

Next up was this green dolman top.

I had lots in my closet to pair it with...

Boyfriend jeans, pointy toe heels and this cute jacket I thrifted that I thought was black in the store...turns out it is navy blue. 
 I'm ok with that.

Paired it with a pencil skirt that I thrifted...I would probably wear tights with this. Not comfortable going bare legged in this skirt (I have varicose veins the size of ropes on the back of my legs)  but I love the look of it on other people.
Last I paired it with a pair of black skinnies.  I don't think I'd really wear it with the belt but it's fun trying new stuff.  It looks great with boots too but I was too lazy to come back out and take another picture.  (sorry about that)

The next piece was this teal top.

I loved the color but wasn't crazy how it clung to my middle section.
I tried to cover it with a sweater but I think all those stops at the 24/7 ice cream bar on the cruise is showing!  lol

Next piece was an open cardigan sweater.

It was super lightweight which is great for us southern girls.
Tried it on with black skinnies and wedge loafers, which was my pitiful attempt at the little wedge bootie look.  But since I don't own a pair I pulled these out from the back of the closet...they're almost as old as I am.  So not kidding.  And I have no idea what that face is all about.   Probably was thinking about that 24/7 ice cream bar again. 

And the last piece was this necklace..
I adore it's simplicity. I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing it quite a bit.

I'll leave you with this pic of what I  have waiting for me...
See that bed? See all the stuff piled up on it? Yeah...I've been home for four days and still gotta unpack.
And I've been itching to paint this mirror.  Sounds like a great Fall project.

Over all, I absolutely loved this fix!  
If you'd like to try it out for yourself, please click here.

It's super convenient. They ship your box full of happy to you. You try them on. Each piece comes with a card for styling suggestions.  You keep what you want and ship what you don't want back to them in a postage paid packaging envelope that they send you in your fix.  Just give it to your mailman or drop it off at the post office.  Easy Peasy!

Plus...when friends try it out through your referral link, you get a credit to your account!  Bam!
I appreciate you sweet ladies who already gave it a whirl.  I hope you have as much fun with it as I am.
And to the rest of you....I know you want to give it a try.  It's so fun trying new things you might not have ever looked twice at in the store but then you  put them on and you're like..."wow! these stylists have it going on!  They know their stuff!"  Or at least that's what I say.  :)  

Just click here and check it out.

Oh many of you asked about the prices last month...cuz y'all know I'm a bargain shopper as many of you are too.  You can tell them how much you are willing to spend on your pieces.  I went extremely low on all my stuff and they are still finding and sending me nice pieces in a reasonable price range.  Hope that helps. 


pleated poppy


  1. I am signed up for my first fix Oct 30! I registered through your first fix. I love the top with the black skinnies WITH the belt, that and the jacket are my favorite look on you!!!
    welcome home :)

  2. Gorgeous...I love how the heels with your jeans and black skinnies!! so cute! I also love your blazer with the first outfit! You look beautiful in it all!

  3. well first - i LOVE your hair, wish I could do lose curls like that (without hours of straightening then curling and then just frizzing.) excited to have found your blog, love your energy.

  4. looked at both your fixes. I've seen a couple other blog pals share about their fixes, but not with this much detail. thanks! you are cute in everything. where can i sign up for a stephaniefix! :)

  5. Um I am ADORING that first outfit with the blazer, top, necklace, jeans, and heels! My goodness!


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