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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Stitch Fix No 18 {and a fun new announcement from Stitch Fix HQ}

 First let me say,  this isn't the fix I was all excited about the other day when I posted a picture of the my beauteous teal box.  I'm once again behind on sharing my fixes with y'all.  THIS fix is number 18 and 19 combined.  I'm hoping to share Fix Numba Twentay  in a week or so with y'all.

And don't forget to check out the big news from Stitchfix at the bottom of the post too!  It's exciting!

Without further adu  here is Fix number 18 which arrived at my door in the beginning of January.

I've wearing three of the pieces that were in my fix in this pic:
1. This classy navy and white top. ( it's sheer...forgive me for not throwing on a cami underneath when I snapped these. yikes!)  I think it's gonna look so darling with my white linen pants and flip flops (that I intend to pull out soon).
2. This necklace.  Super simple and chic. It's silver and gold mixed so I can wear it with everything. And I love the length.
3. These jeans. I didn't like them at first.  In fact, I "check out" and had already "returned them" and then snapped these pics before throwing what I wasn't keeping back in the return envelope to mail later that day.  But after trying them on with stuff, I realized how super duper stretchy and comfortable they were. Plus so many of my jeans are distressed and full of holes.  This was a nice change. So I ended up emailing the customer service and telling them I wanted to keep them.

 Here I am the next day wearing them on the way to a party....

 ....for the sweetest and most beautiful 80 year old I know.  I wish everyone had a Mama Rob in their life.

Here I am in the jeans and necklace but with a different look.  This is what I wore to town the same day I did this little shoot.  Love the jeans and necklace.  The top is from my way back in my second fix and its still a favorite of mine.  The jacket was a gift from my mom who is one of the most stylish 70-somethings I know.   She bought herself one too and she rocks it way better than me. ( I believe she bought them at Target)

The last two pieces that were in my box were the things I decided not to keep.
4. This burgundy long sleeve top.  The back was open which was kinda neat. But it was short on me and my long torso.
5. This aztec sleeveless cardigan thingy.  Didn't care for the sleeveless part and I already have a sweater very similar to this.

So I popped these babies in the postage paid envelope and dropped then in the post office. Easy Peasy.

This last pic was snapped with my phone at 4:30 in the morning in the AIRPORT because I was about to catch my VERY FIRST FLIGHT to go be there for when MY GRANDAUGHTER was born! EEEP!  That is a whole other post in the works.

But I am wearing Stitchfix from head to toe and it was a Friday but I was too excited about all that was happening and forgot to post for Stitchfix Friday.  Y'all know about that right? Post a pic of you wearing your stitch fix on instagram and use the hashtag #stitchfixfriday and you could be chosen to win the $50 credit they give to someone each week!   Whoop Whoop!....Do it girl.

Anyways, here's my total stitch fix outfit:
  • My new necklace from this fix 
  • My jeans and sweater from my fix 15 
  • And the only thing I kept from Fix 19...this burgundy dolman sleeve knit top.  I love how my stylist builds upon the things that I have already kept from previous fixes.  I really love the way it looks by itself but it was a little cold that morning so I threw the sweater on top. Can't wait to wear this one too with my white linen pants and thinking it will be super cute with my white denim boyfriend jean too.  Hashtag hurry up Spring.

 Well there you go for fixes 18 & 19.  Now for the announcement I was telling you about!

Stitch Fix just got better!
Now introducing Maternity and Petites!
For you sweet pregnant mommas, you need to update your profile with your due date, let your stylist know what you are looking for and then she will take it from there and have you rocking that baby bump in no time!   You can read a little more about it here.

All of you sweet petite girls can read all about it here to get all the scoop on what this means for you!

I'm so excited about how they are expanding to reach the needs of more ladies. Who knows....maybe plus sizes will be next!  Hope so!

If you ready to take the plunge and give Stitchfix a try then just click the pic below and let's get started!  And as always, you can email me with any questions.

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