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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Julia Rose :: 3

 Happy Birthday Miss Julia Rose.  
I can't believe it has already been three years since this day.
You are the most perfect combination of 

and sweet.

 Your tender little heart is refreshing how you are care about the smallest of things.
And you are always ready for an adventure.

You are brave.

 And you make us laugh every day.

 I love you Miss Julia Rose.
You will forever be my Boochie.

 I know the Lord has great things in store for you.
I can't wait to see!
Keep loving Jesus and your Mommy and Daddy and your sister and brother.
Be a good friend to everyone.

 and wear fancy dresses with rubber boots and dance in the sunlight every chance you get.

"You will show me the path of life;
In Your presence is fullness of joy;
At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore."
Psalm 16:11

 I love you, 

Friday, June 28, 2013

My life :: as documented by my phone

One week in pics.
Starting last Friday.

Bringing Henry home to his house.
He was pouting. ;)

Back in a pair of old jeans that I couldn't even button several months ago. 
Feels good.

Came home to find the other half of my birthday present from my momma had been delivered.
The chairs that go to my patio table. I LOVE them.

The next morning.

Traveling feet.  
Heading out to share the gospel and equip the saints in McComb, Mississippi.

All packed up and on the road.

Claimed my spot for the week to make my "altar".
The coffee here at the hotel was the worse.  Like I pretty much gave up drinking it.

Got to enjoy working with the precious Carver family again.
Wish I had taken a pic with Bro. Steve and Becky.  They are such genuine worship leaders and their children are precious.  They gained a new family member since last time we were together...

Meet Charlie!!!  
Oh my goodness!  Such a lil cutie.
(also I put a rinse in my hair to test the waters of wasn't permanent and it's already washed out mostly but I kinda liked it.  Me and Charlie matched.)

Our Sunday Nap!!
(the hotel room had a ceiling fan.  whoop whoop!)

Stayed on track with my eating as best I could. 
Stayed clear of the continental breakfast ....and the coffee.
Stocked up our mini fridge with healthy goodness.

Got to visit Nick's cousin, Jami who lives in the area!
She and her husband own Mauthe Progress Milk Barn and they make some of the best cheese you will ever eat.  They sell fresh milk in glass bottles the old fashioned way aaannddd they make the best cheese cake evah! Made with their very own creole cream cheese. 

Discovered that eating such said scrumptious cheesecake at 10:30 at night when you haven't had anything even close to it's richness is probably not a great idea.  Even the three little bites that I sampled and adored was a bit much when your body has gotten used to eating clean.

I paid for it the next morning.
Had to cut it short..could barely make it 2 miles.

In other news, Nick trimmed his beard and I lovvvve it.

And my toes were all matchy matchy with the pool. 

After the insistence of a certain friend, I branched out in search for some decent coffee.
Found this little coffee shop, PJ's.  The girl just couldn't get it right.... and I have come to the conclusion that I am a bonafide coffee snob.  Which I really hate.  I don't want to be snobby in any area of my life. But good coffee is kinda important you know.

Speaking of good coffee, I was beyond excited to find K-Cups for my Keirug in my beloved Community Coffee!!  
This is big people.  Possibly a life changer.
I only bought one box which I'm already regretting.

On our way to the pastor's house for lunch, turned onto their road and sun was shining so pretty.
This isn't some souped up filter.  It's pure sunlight.  Along with FFH singing "One of these Days" on the radio.   Perfect. 
The feast that Bro Emon and Mrs. Myra treated us to for lunch.  Almost everything was fresh from his garden.  The tomatoes and cucumbers were my faves.

 Realized once we got to the hotel earlier in the week as we unpacked that all of my outfits were stripes, maxis and cardis.     So of course I had to document that as any decent blogger would. 
 Tried on some red lips.  They aren't Nick's fave so I only do them every now and then.

Packed up and said goodbye to our hotel and the amazing king sized bed that we will miss immensely....not so much this hallway that reminded me of "The Shining" the entire week.

Nick treated me to one of these on the way home.
I seriously slurped it down within minutes.

Made it home and pulled into this.
It never gets old.  They love us so well. It's humbling.

It was a great week.
Full of refreshing for me as I sat under the preaching of the Word each night and enjoyed a break from wedding projects during the day as I just enjoyed being in Nick's company.

Thank you to any of you who prayed for our travels and the revival.
We are trusting God that seeds were planted and He will reap the harvest.

"that we might have some fruit among them also.."
Romans 1:13

life rearranged

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Losing to Gain :: Halfway there

Well I know y'all have been wondering what happened to us and our Losing to Gain challenge.
 If you follow me on instagram, you know it's still going strong.

Here's the results thus far...

We are over halfway through the goal we had set for ourselves.  Many of you have asked when the challenge ends...well we just finished week 9 of the 16 weeks we had decided on.  August 5th will be our last weigh in to determine who takes the prize.  I backed off on the weekly blog posts because for one...I just don't have the time.   All my exercising time has cut into my blogging time and I am up to my eyeballs in wedding projects.  Still trying to find a balance there. And two...when I do find the time to blog, I didn't want it to always be about this. 

But enough of the talk...I know you want  the results!  
And the person who is still in the lead is..............

Let's hear it for the over 40 crowd!!  Whoop Whoop.
What's that you say about a slow metabolism??  Hmmmm?
Well,  God's word tells us that pride comes before a fall so I won't boast too much. ;)
Truth be told, I'm having to work my booty off literally for these results.  It has definitely been harder for my metabolism to kick in and get going now than it was for me in my 30's...but not enough to stop progress.  Whoop whoop!

I've lost 15 pounds so far and wearing clothes that hasn't fit me in a lonnnng time.  My goal is 30 pounds total so I'm right on track halfway into the challenge. More importantly, I feel so much better.  

I can't get too relaxed in my top position because I have The Bride, Lauren,  nipping at my heels ready to knock me off my throne faster than you can say Bridezilla.  She has her appointment scheduled to get her wedding dress fitted and she has gone all  hard core on me.
Jillian Michaels has become her new bff.
She not only is killing the 30 Day Shred at 5am each morning,
but then she comes home from school and hops on the treadmill!  So trusts me...I'm taking this contender seriously.  I ain't skeered  though.. I mean, look at that dark coffee I'm drinking as I wait for myself to wake up.
Only the strongest of the strong can handle almost black coffee.
(my girl Becky is giving me the inspiration I needed to go even darker.)

Results in weight loss so far:
Stephanie- 15 pounds
Lauren - 10 pounds 
Lydia- 11 pounds 
Elizabeth- 7 pounds

Yay to all of us!! We ALL are better off than we were 9 weeks ago!  
And making progress every day.  I still haven't counted Babylady out of this race.  She is slow and steady and she knows how to stratigize!   She is probably just waiting for us to get too secure and then she's gonna kick it in Turbo and blow us away.  I got my eye on her.

For those of y'all wondering about Team Ladeea, welllll all I'm saying is the girl loves her cake and she eats it too.  She enjoys skinny jeans and pizza .   So not fair.  But hey, who said life is fair? right?  (She's a turd but I still love her.)  

**if you're wondering why Lauren is ahead of Lydia, it's  because her weight loss percentage is higher and that is what we will be using to determine the winner.  The percentage, not the pounds.

Well before I go, what is a good weight loss/fitness challenge without some before and after photos??
 Unfortunately, the girls took their before pics in shorts and sports bras so I can't show you theirs.  But I can tell you, they look amazing!  I'm so proud of them.  And I'm so mad at us for not measuring ourselves so we could know the inches we've lost. Grrrr.

Since  I don't do sports bras and shorts,  my before pic is fully clothed.
It's so encouraging to see results.
(Ignore the dirty mirror and "stuff" in the background.  Lauren has already begun boxing up stuff for her move into her new home. gulp. sigh.)

For whatever reason, my face is always the first place to notice weight loss or weight gain.
I was scrolling through old Pocket Booth pics on my phone with the grandkids (please tell me you have that app.  It was probably one of the first apps I ever paid for when I first got my iphone several years ago.  SO worth the money if you are a photo booth addict like me. )  anyways...I was flabbergasted with how chubby my face had gotten when I came to the pic on the left! 

My hard work is paying off and my habits are slowly changing...
Even more than the pounds lost and my body changing,  are the victories I'm having in my way of thinking....  In my thought life which leads to actions which become habits.

I try to eat several small meals throughout the day and I never allow myself to get to that really empty hungry feeling.  But on occasion when life happens and busyness kicks in, I don't have time to eat according to my plan.
That happened this past week and I found myself starving.  We had lots of leftovers from a funeral at our church.  Leftovers from fellowships always make their way to the pastor's house...which I appreciate immensely for Nick, Blake and Marcus so they can have something to indulge in since I quit keeping us supplied in desserts.  But it makes it hard for me when brownies are sitting out right in front of me.

But on this day, I realized my habits had changed.  I truly am losing to gain.
The old me would have mindlessly popped 2 or 3 brownies in my mouth without even thinking about it while I prepared our take the edge off my hunger.   But  instead, I  had such a huge victory.  I did think about eating one but I chose not to.  And because I had stuff already prepped in my fridge, my salad was ready in a jiffy and in no time I was enjoying something delicious and healthy, which was waaaay better than 4 day old brownies.

My habits are changing which is exactly what I prayed for when I started this.
My way of thinking and viewing food has changed too.  I'm not saying I don't fling a craving for a hot baked chocolate chip cookie at times....because I do.  And on occasion I have even treated myself to a small piece of chocolate.  I just no longer have to eat 10 pieces of chocolate to be content. Bam.

I've started running too.  I'm not a runner.  It doesn't come natural for me.  I have not reached the place yet where I totally enjoy the burn and all that jazz I hear runners talk about.  I almost die at times in the middle still and I'm sure Nick hears me breathing/panting from the other side of the house when I'm on the treadmill.... but I'm doing it.  And I'm getting stronger.  It is getting easier with each time I step on the treadmill.  And I love the way that feels.  To hold me accountable, I've joined in with Marta (hausofgirls on instagram)  and her #56milesinjune challenge.  As of today,  I've knocked out 42 of the 56 miles! Double Bam.  

I can't even tell you what a blessing all of you have been to me and my girls on this journey.  Y'all encourage us daily and we thank y'all from the bottom of our hearts.  Some of you have shared that we have inspired y'all in some small way to make changes in your own lives!  That is incredible and so wonderful.  I received this in the mail yesterday from my dear friend Becky.  A reminder to stay focused on the goal...  This will be on my wrist every time my feet hit the pavement ( or rubber in my case).  
It's a two fold message....the first thing I thought of when I opened it was Philippians 3:12-14

"..but I press on that I may lay hold of that which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me....forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead. I press toward the goal of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus."

Thank you Becky!  It's such a great reminder for me to keep my eye on the prize... 
in all areas of my life!

ps. don't forget to cheer on your favorite Contender when you see us around on Instagram.
It's getting down to crunch time.   And use the hashtag #losingtogain to share your journey with all of us too!  
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