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Saturday, June 1, 2013

My most worn accessory and why I love it so much.

 Today I get to introduce you to Becky.
 She's the girl behind the cuffs I wear in just about all my pics.  It's really funny how we "met".  It all started when Nick told me about a girl on Instagram that he was following. He said she reminded him so much of me..... not as much in looks but her personality. Well that got my attention!  I mean, this is the guy that knows me better than anyone else on earth.  We've been by each other's side since we were 15 years old, so when he said that, of course the first thing I did was pick up my phone and check this chick out.   As I'm typing in her name, farmgirlpaints, I ask him, "Like how does she remind you of me?"   He goes on to say, "She just seems a lot like you.  She is always smiling, looks like she really enjoys life and she likes to take pics of her feet like you do.  I don't know...something about her does."

Well of course I stalked her feed.  Like crazy stalked.  I looked at all her pics..then went to her blog.  And then I got really crazy stalkerish and sent her an email telling her my hubs thinks we act alike.  She probably thought I was a weirdo but she was really gracious and sweet.

Honestly, as I looked at all her pics and read her blog posts and got just a peek into her heart, I was flattered that Nick would say that.  I can only hope that I sprinkle beauty the way she does with all she touches.  She shares her triumphs and her struggles with great transparency.  
She is a blessing.

I was able to meet her in person last October and it only made me love her more.  She's the real deal y'all. AND....she blessed me and Heather with one of her cuffs that day.  Now when I say us Holden girls were happy....I mean we were hap-pay!

Heather had commented on a pic of hers about the phrase "Let go" so Becky knew what to put on hers.  She said she looked at my pics to find inspiration for mine and this is what she came up with...
~swoon.  That blessed me more than anything.

That started my obsession love for her cuffs and I've added quite a few since then.

This was my next one.
You can read why I chose the word "embrace" here.

 Well of course I wanted my girls to have one of their own.  This was so hard choosing their word!
It took some time to decide ....and a phone call to my sis-n-law, Heather, to help me choose but we finally got it figured out and it was one of their favorite Christmas gifts.

And my latest addition is this little beauty.

It was a mother's day gift from Nick.  He picked out what phrase to put on it.
It's from a passage of scripture the Lord used in a huge way back when Nick surrendered to evangelism.

"But none of these things move me, nor do I count my life dear to myself, so that I may finish my race with joy, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God."  Acts 20:24

I'm gonna save the story behind it for another time, but the Lord has used this verse over and over again in my walk with Him since then.  My heart aches a little when I look down and see those words....aches in a growing pain kind of way.  Which is good.

I love all my cuffs.
I love when someone asks me what they say and a conversation is started and I can share my story... His story...with them.
I love when I see my girls wearing their cuffs and knowing the meanings behind why I chose them and how blessed I am to be their momma.
And I love Becky. 
I love how she is using the gifts the Lord has given her for His glory.

I know you probably want a cuff for yourself and Becky is giving a discount for all of you.
Her shop is only opened for a limited time each month plus she's taking a break over the summer so she can soak up time with her sweet if you want one you better go get one!

Click here to get there!

Use the code honey15 to get 15% off!



  1. YOU! seriously friend you are the sweetest thing ever. this post made me cry. i don't even know what to say. just glad our heavenly Daddy had us cross paths. He's sweet like that:)) love you!

  2. woohoo! love becky and you!
    this post is absolutely why i adore you.

    my cuff says "it is well"
    and i JUST ordered another one.

    charlie :)

  3. Oh, I am so jealous! I WANT to meet both of you and can't believe that y'all met up. How awesome! I have a black cuff from Becky that says, "expectation," my word for 2013. I love it and especially since Becky made it. Sweet blessings to you my friend!

  4. Love this post and love the stories (and the love) behind each of the cuffs!
    Becky is such a sweet lady!
    I don't know her personally but I follow her on instagram and her joy & love just exude from her photos!
    And I can totally see how your husband saw her feed and thought of you. =)

    This is why I love blogging!
    SO many beautiful people (like you, like Becky, like Lea Culp, whose comment is right up there!) whose lives and words bless me all the time... and you don't even have to try.. it's just Jesus using you.
    LOVE IT.

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