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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Guest Posting and Cow Camp Hosting

Hi Y'all. It's been busy busy over here at the Honey Pot.

Today I'm guest posting for one of my besties, Hannah.
 She has this amazing series called

I'm sharing my heart about a few things I've learned of late in my journey of motherhood. I'd love for you to pop in and read it along with some of the other posts from ladies who have shared their hearts too. If you do pop in, please say Hi and make sure somewhere in your comment you say "Geaux Tigers"....Hannah really will love that.

And speaking of what Hannah loves...she loves to give and give back.  She has beautiful necklace in her shop that she is donating all the proceeds to the tornado relief in Oklahoma. She's also celebrating her shop's anniversary this week with all kinds of coupons and giveaways.  So go!  Run!

Ok. So now you know about the guest posting....
Let's get on to the Cow Camp Hosting!

What is Cow Camp you ask?
It looks kinda like this...
It's our annual Memorial Day Family Weekend where we get to hang out all weekend together fishing, eating, swimming, playing board games, riding four wheelers, shooting guns....and all kinds of fun stuff.  We all sleep together in one big ole room with lots of beds.  It is totally fun city. The above pic was from two summers ago.

We missed getting together last year because it was so close to Lydia's wedding but I've got lots planned for this years Cow Camp and I can't wait.  It will officially starts tomorrow when everybody starts arriving, but my mom gets here tonight and we will be hauling all the goodies and supplies down there today!....Eeeeep!!  I'm so excited!

I even created a little banner for the occasion!
(Check out the tutorial I used here.)

And I pulled out the flags and sparklers!

Oh wait.  You're probably wondering why we call it Cow Camp huh?
Well, it's mostly because we have to share it with these ladies...

We don't get much service out at the camp but when we head to the pool, I'll probably upload pics.  So if you want to follow along with some of our Cow Camp shenanigans,  we will all be using the hashtag #cowcamp2013



  1. i hope you have a great weekend! what a little heart breaker you have in that last photo :)

  2. happiest weekend to you!! and i've decided that may is when i will visit y'all. i need cow camp in my life.
    i love you so.
    also, geaux somewhere with that sass.

  3. i want you to adopt me. pretty please. : )

  4. JUST when I think your family can't get any go and show me you can!! Sheesh, has your awesomeness no bounds?! Have a wonderful Cow Camp Caboodle, can't wait to see the shenanigans that you get into!:)

  5. eeeeep!! this is TOOO fun. you're family is one of the greatest! love that y'all are so close. i want my future family to be like your family one day....

    let the cow camp festivities begin! ;D


  6. It looks like a fabulous time! I agree with Bekah above. My Bekah would love your Cow Camp. I'll have to show her this and we'll be doing something similar for her patriotic soul on Independence Day! ;)

  7. Ya'll are so fun!! I loved seeing all of your pictures on IG! What a great family tradition! :-)


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