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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

{wiww } the things I wouldn't wear 11 pounds ago edition

So I've been on this journey of losing to gain.
As of this post I have lost a little over 11 pounds.   I'm feeling so much better since I kicked sugar out of my life...the energy...the self control...the discipline....all the things I was hoping to gain as I lost a few pounds and inches.   

And now I'm beginning to see differences in my clothes.  Nothing seriously drastic yet but all my clothes are starting to feel comfortable again.  I mean I can actually wear a few tops now without my super stretchy-hold-me in where I can't breathe-so my muffin top doesn't bulge out over the top of my jeans- support camis.  Do you know what I'm talking about?  Do ya'll wear them too?  They are a wonderful little secret  for smoothing out a few bumps but they really aren't the most comfortable things in the world.  So I am tickled to death that my jeans are fitting looser in the waist and the muffin top is shrinking and the "killer cami" is coming out the drawer less and less these days. 
 It's the little things you know.  ;)

So on this "What I Wore Wednesday" I wanted to share a few things that I couldn't wear  a month ago!

1. This sparkly shirt!
I wore it here back in December and had to totally cover it up with a sweater because it was so stinking tight on me.  Woo hoo to letting the sparkles shine!

 top- Dirt cheap
jeans- thrifted (Cato's)
earrings- Dirt Cheap (The Mark)
Watch- Charming Charlies
Flip Flops- NBD

2. Belts!
So many of my favorite belts still don't fit yet. Plus,  when my stomach was protuding out underneath it to the point I looked pregnant....well I pretty much didn't do belts.  But it is shrinking (hallelu-jer!) and it has been fun trying them out again with my clothes.  I'm still not ready to give up my trusty denim jacket though.  It provides great security.  :)

Maxi dress: Ross
Belt:  Target (via Dirt Cheap)
Sandels: Target (via Dirt Cheap)
Ring: Dirt Cheap

 3. Skinny Jeans!
I don't do skinny jeans. I prefer flare leg jeans and bell bottoms.  When skinnies first hit the scene I swore I would never wear them.  Then I bought a pair to wear with my boots in the winter because you just can't tuck all that denim in your boots when you're wearing bell bottoms.
But as much as I tried I couldn't/wouldn't wear them with flats.  

But never say never because I'm starting to like them. I don't know if it is that my calves are shrinking so I don't feel like they look like sausages incased in denim or if I'm just getting used to the look.
Either way, I'm having fun making outfits with them.

And how about this awesome necklace that a dear friend, Kate,  surprised me with?
It totally made my day.   It's a one of a kind and I'm quite smitten.
Her shop is amazing and all of her creations are special....not to mention all the profits have helped bring home her precious children who lived on the other side of the world. Adoption rocks.  She sells a lot of her goodies through instagram (@theadoptshoppe) and facebook now so you need to follow her there. 

jeans: Gap
yellow tank: Old Navy
mint sweater: Target
shoes: thrifted
watch:  group dealzs
necklace: the adopt shoppe
earrings:  Wifeysinger

It's been fun getting dressed these days....Well funner that usual.  I still can't fit in half my clothes which can be discouraging but I'm on the right track and know it's only a matter of time.

As Peaches and Herb would say, " Re-unit-ed and it feeels so goood!"
(you're welcome for now having that song stuck in your head.)

pleated poppy



  1. So awesome, Stephanie! I have pretty much cut sugar out too, and you're so right, it feels AMAZING! You look beautiful!! You're inspiring!!

  2. I'm just so stinkin' proud of you! You look great. My daughter bought me a membership to emeals for Mother's Day. I love the idea of menu planning, but stink at it (I'm sorry for all the stink in this comment). She signed me up for the Clean Eating family plan. I'm hoping this will help me with a fresh outlook. Fingers crossed.

  3. Congrats on the weight loss! You look fabulous.

    Love that maxi dress.


  4. who-hooo! you go, mrs stephanie! you are looking gooood!!! :D


  5. looking foxy momma! eleven pounds IS huge!!!! and it seems like you just started. i'm so inspired. keep it up gorgeous!

  6. You go girl! Before you know it, you will have lost 25 pounds. You look smashing! Sweetest blessings!

  7. Love it! The maxi outfit is phenomenal! Way to go on the 11 pounds...wish I had your willpower to quit sugar. Popping in from WIWW.

  8. Hey Stephanie, it's my first visit here, via The Pleated Poppy, and I think you look fantastic. Whether or not you are at your goal weight, you should be feeling proud of yourself. Keep rockin' that sparkle!

    Sue xo

  9. Well hello hot mama!! That sparkly shirt is AMAAAAZING! How nice to have a shirt that's as sparkly as your personality! Love the whole darn post. And I am with ya on skinny jeans, I was so "Norma Rae" about the whole idea of them but then did the boots look and just wore some BRIGHT turquoise ones yesterday with flats, sausage thighs or not!

  10. You look beautiful! I remember the exciting feeling of trying on smaller clothes after losing the weight-so wonderful. Congrats on all of your hard work! you look great!

  11. you are rock'n those skinny jeans, and look fabulous!

    we've been south beach'n again. it is nice to have the muffin top disintegrate, and to have the old clothes fit in new ways.

  12. You look great! Let those sparkles shine on!


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