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Monday, May 6, 2013

Guest Posting // Hope Spoken // Jumping

I'm hanging out with my dear friend, Melissa, today.  Well not in person.  I wish.  But I am hanging out over at her blog,  The Lovely Words.   The Lord intertwined our hearts last Fall when I was blessed to spend several days crafting in the mountains with several other amazing ladies.  She has such a way with words.  If you don't follow her blog you really should. Her heart and the way she expresses it will bless you.  She invited me to share a few thoughts on motherhood and you can read about that here.

And on another note....

Y'all remember me sharing about Hope Spoken right?  This incredible women's conference that is coming up in March 2014.  I have the honor of being one of the small group leaders.  You can read about that here
 Danielle, Casey and Emily are doing an amazing job pulling this God thing together.  Y'all don't forget to pray for them.

When I look at the group of ladies that I am in company with, I am so humbled.  I mean really.
Goodness gracious..I simply cannot wait.

I hope I will get to see y'all there.

But something funny before I leave... 
You see that little pic of me?  Well when Danielle emailed us that she needed a picture of us for this post, I asked Elizabeth if she would take a few pictures when we were there visiting about a month ago.  I wanted a more recent one since my hair is no longer super blonde.  Anyway, she did a little photo shoot of me and her daddy.  I have sprinkled a few of the pictures in some of my recent posts.  But of course the out take pics are the funniest so I thought I'd share our family favorite with you.  I mean y'all are like family anyways....

I texted this to my girls immediately when I uploaded them and they laughed for hours.
The other day  Lydia texted me back adding the name.
She is still laughing over that one.

This is what I've been hiding under those tunics....
And no. Don't get all excited...that ain't a baby you're looking at.

It did give me a good giggle.....
and then it spurred me on to get fit. 
And I am happy to say that a month later from when this was taken, I am already down one size in my pants!  
So that big belly is shrinking.  Whoop Whoop!
KaHoney means biznez!

Happy Monday Y'all!


For some more random goodness, check out my friend Carissa's link up here.


  1. That's so funny! I took photos of me and Ethan jumping on the trampoline a year or so ago. I looked better then than I do now, so no inspiration. I need to do it again!

  2. follower...I am on my way to getting rid of belly fat as the pics...

  3. wish i could go. what a treat it would be to see you belly or no belly!
    and you are terrific, and beautiful, and yeah for being a pant size smaller!

  4. Oh you! your so darn cute I can't take it!

    Love your sweet heart and your silly/delightful personality!

  5. You sure look happy in those pictures and I'm sure your grin is even bigger now!


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