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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Sixth Fix {stitch fix}

A half a dozen.
That's what number Stitch fix I'm on.  Say what?!

It's true.  This last fix makes six months of working with my personal stylist, Catherine. 
Six times I've received that happy little box in the mail filled with pieces of clothing that she has picked out just for me and my style and my body type.  

Six months of trying new things that I probably would have never thought could work on me.  And now I have a foundation of great pieces in my closet to mix and match and build upon plus a few things of just pure solid fun to mix things up a bit.

It's been a fun journey.  You can see the other fixes here.
1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

And now for fix number 6.

First up. This amazing cobalt blue top.
I'm ready for date night!

I love the difference textures and the details of the lace…
and the color!  Love the color.
It looks great tucked in too.

And it looks great for a casual look too.
This was a definite keeper for me!  I can't wait to mix it up with more stuff in my closet.
ps. that amazing ring I'm wearing was made my one of my dear friends.
She has a shop called Florero and you can check it out here.

Next up is this olive green open face cardigan.
Such a great basic sweater that I can throw on with most anything.
(that black and white zig zag top is from a previous fix)

  In fact I've already worn it twice.
Loved it with my jeans…

 And with my "edgy" shirt.  This was from a past fix too. It has thumb holes which I thought I would hate but actually love now!  Especially on cold days like this one from last week.  These pics were taken pre hair color touch up that happened a few days ago,  ;) 

Then there was this top.
It makes me happy.
 It's super duper duper comfortable like and old favorite T-shirt but without all the sloppiness. So I can throw it on with my favorite jeans and Toms and look put together while still feeling like I'm in pjs.  Win win.

And last is this dress.
Catherine, my stylist, has been a little hesitant I think in sending me dresses because I told her from the beginning that I don't wear things that are short. (unless I can wear dark tights with it)  I'm 5'9" so finding dresses that are at the knee are just a tad above is a challenge at times. I also told her in my profile that I don't like to show cleavage which adds another element when finding a dress.  But she has done great job finding stuff that meets all of these requests AND still is my style. This dress is such a great example of that.  I love the retro feel you get when you add a belt.  It's such a basic color that I can change up the dress just with my accessories.
 ….Like changing my belt and shoes to dress it up a notch for a wedding or something.

 The fifth piece in the box was the bracelet you see in the pictures above.  It's not my favorite but I love that she picked out something that matches several of the pieces in this fix and things in past fixes. I'm glad I decided to keep it after seeing it in the pictures.

Well, there you have it.
Stitch fix number 6.
I say it every time but it keeps getting better and better.
For reals.

You can find out all the details here if you're interested in getting your own happy box delivered right to your door.
 Take it from me, it's the bomb diggity.


  1. Girl, you are so darn pretty!
    Love each and every one of the outfits!
    Stitchfix sounds amazing and you have done a great job in convincing me to try it out!

  2. If I could lose a few pounds I'd be able to do this! Motivation.

  3. I absolutely love the dress with the striped cardigan. And the top with the thumb holes is great - right up my alley!

  4. I hope you kept everything because it's all perfect for you!! The dress...ahhhh...the cobalt blue...gorg... I love getting my fixes stylist has me all figured out and it's hard to say no to anything!! :)

  5. I know at least 4-5 folks that participate in Stitch Fix and I'm thinking it would be such fun for me. You are obviously enjoying it so much and all the clothes really do well on you. What fun!!!!

  6. Love them all!
    I just got mine today and love it all too, even though I'm gonna send back a sweater just b/c it's almost Spring around here. :)

  7. Such beautiful pieces! Love the final dress especially, and how you've changed it up and accessorized it is awesome.

  8. You are seriously aging backwards!! I love all of your pieces this month! Especially the cobalt and black top - so versatile! As I get a bit older, I appreciate the value of a nice blouse. I have not had such luck with Stitch Fix. I am hoping to have a better Fix next time - March(: Blessings! Susan

  9. Okay....I more just stalk everyone's blogs and honestly never comment.....but that last dress with the stripes is absolutely gorgeous on you. Just beautiful.

  10. You really got a bunch of great pieces in this StitchFix! And, I have to say, I LOVE your hair!

  11. wow - you have such a great group of outfits in one post, I love it! BTW your hair is gorgeous!
    Just stopping by from The Pleated Poppy.
    You can find me at

  12. I LOVE ALL OF THIS! goodness! you look great!

  13. Every Stitchfix you get is better than the last! That blue is absolutely gorgeous on you!

  14. I got that same blue top & the Grey cream one I love them too.

  15. i am just going to request catherine and tell her to just get me everything she gets YOU! i love it all... especially the dress!!


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