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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What I Wore

Well it's February already. Like most people, I started off this new year deciding I'd set some goals for myself. Weekly and monthly goals that are doable so I can actually scratch a few things off my list and have some victory in the one area of my life that is out of control….being organized.  I'm like the worst in the world….with my time, my house, my everything.  But that's another post for another time.  So just know when you look at these pics of me all put together looking, that my house was probably a disaster zone and I have a ton of emails that need to be returned. I don't have it together folks. But I'm working on it everyday.   ;)

January has come and gone and I was actually able to attain a couple of goals on my list. 
 I got back in my routine of running. Logged 59 miles last month 
 AND I made my bed every single day of January!  (Yay me!)

But a few of the goals I didn't quite meet for January were 
1. Getting caught up on my blog with my Top 10 moments of 2013 and..
2.  Taking inventory on what all I have in my Honey Pot supplies to re-open my shop
3. Finishing Lydia's wedding book.  BUT…I started it!  And I'm halfway through. That's progress right?

So…instead of feeling like a failure, I'm just starting fresh right where I am.
New month.  New goals.  

So to get back into the groove with blogging, I'm gonna share a "what I wore" post.
Because truth be told… getting dressed is so much more fun these days.
Losing 40 pounds will do that. ;)

My "Heading to church feeling vintage-y outfit".

Top: Target via Dirt Cheap// Skirt: Thrifted // Shoes: ModCloth // Earrings: vintage

My "Having lunch with a friend outfit".
 Heart t-shirt: Brickyard Buffalo // Blue Blazer: Stichfix //  Black skinnies: Old Navy 
Booties: Sears //  Bracelet: Lisa Leonard //  

My "Sunday night at church after a good nap outfit".

Same black skinnies and booties // Sweater : Edna Grayces //
 Necklace: Eager Hands // Earrings: Ike and Co // Wooden ring:  Target via Dirt Cheap

My "First day to get out the house in a week because of the snow- Hallelujah I don't live up North outfit" 
Shirt: Stitchfix // Scarf: Brickyard Buffalo // Skirt: thrifted // Green tights: TJMaxx
Boots: Lane Bryant (so tickled they are big in the calves on me this year compared to last year!  I NEVER have owned boots that are loose around the calves!)

My "I had to change my skirt because I was freezing and I should have known better than to ask my part polar bear husband of mine what the weather was like outfit"
 Olive Cardigan: Stitchfix //   Black and White Top: Stitchfix //  Corduroy Skirt: Gap // Same black skinnies and booties // Necklace: Noonday Collection

And last…
My "Oh my Gosh I paid $3 for this sweater outfit"

Star Sweater: thrifted // Chambray shirt:  Target via Dirt Cheap // 
 Bracelets : Christmas gift from my daughter //  Boots: Lane Bryant
Good looking bearded man: God's amazing grace in my life

Alrighty, well that's what I've been wearing lately.
New stuff mixed with old stuff.  
Most of all …"me stuff". 
Just wearing what makes me smile and feel pretty and confident about myself.
  My favorite.

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  1. You are ADORABLLLEEE!!! I love every single outfit!!! My husband is a polar bear too...I learned quickly to check the temp's for myself rather than get his opinion of the weather!! haha You are so inspiring!!!

  2. Stephanie, I ADORE you! Seriously.
    Also, "Organization" is my middle name! I'd GLADLY exchange my organizing self for the opportunity to hang out with YOU!

  3. you are such a babe!! :) love that star sweater so much. :)

  4. You are precious!!! Love your style:)

  5. I had to look twice at the first photos. I thought they were Lydia! 40 pounds? Good for you. Do you want to be my stylist? I have no style. So sad. I love your clothes, old and new! Happy February and new goals.


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