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Friday, September 9, 2011

Sweet "Stuff"

Happy Friday Y'all!
You know what that means....
Time to share Instagram Faves of the Week.
Here are a few of the sweet things I've been lovin.

Sweet Graffiti ... this made me smile every time I passed it.
Sweet friends who buy your grand babies awesome shirts like this.  ~thanks Calah~

  Sweet expressions .... He's  a deep thinker...probably genius.  ;) 

Sweet sleep.. the grandpas at the hospital :)

 Sweet conversations between a man and his grandson... i love saying grandson!

 Sweet kids..  a letter from the little boy my daughter  is sponsoring through Compassion International.  So thankful for her giving heart and what the Lord is teaching her through this experience.

 Sweet Firsts... ate at all three of these for the first time.
Thumbs up!! Especially you Mr. Wang!

 Sweet Jules... making sure Nate doesn't steal all of Honey's loving.

Sweet Good Morning Kisses from the big sisters...  
Nate, you're just gonna have to get used to this sweet guy.
There is a lot more where this came from!

 Sweet Moments 

Sweet Success....went on an adventure hunting for Fall leaves and found some!

Sweet  "new" couch....a blessing from some awesome friends who totally gets my
 love for retro.  And a shout out to my awesome delivery boys too!
(The couch is actually a very wonderful kind of lime green...not the color in this pic. Although I like this color too)

Sweet ....period.

Hope you have a suh-weeet weekend!

Stephanie :)

I'm linking up today with Kristy, Jeannett and Rachel.


  1. what a precious baby!!! children area blessing!!! and the couch is awesome, in color!!! would love to see your living room!! :)

  2. Steph, I'm luv'n all of this sweetness! Jode loves Five Guys_it's one of his faves. And yay for you getting a new couch. That'll be fun rearranging everything. :)

  3. love that graffiti!!
    nate's serious expression is killing me, so adorable!
    love all this goodness, happy friday! xo

  4. love your sweets for the week! and nate is too cute for words! what a precious family you have :)

  5. that baby boy is absolutely precious! What a blessed grandma you are :)

  6. Babies, babies, BABIES!! I love the deep thinker face! :0)

  7. Wonderful photos! Great way to wrap up a week! I'm totally loving that couch!


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