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Monday, September 19, 2011

Meet Eleanor

 A couple of weeks ago I posted this picture.
That's Marcus and Blake moving in my "new" vintage sofa.
(And thanks AGAIN to Jason and Sherri for the blessing!)
I was out of town staying with my daughter helping her after the arrival of their new baby.
So... I wasn't there when they moved it in.
I don't like missing out on stuff.
Especially when it comes to my "nest".

So I made my girls take pics with their cell phones and send them to me...
Honestly, I wasn't feeling it at first.
It takes me a little while to adjust to change.
There was just too much going on with all the colors.
...And she was looking a little "frumpy".

But then.....
I made a few changes.

I removed the skirt so you could see her pretty little legs.

Now I'm starting to feel it...

Ain't she just the prettiest thing?
We named her Eleanor.
What?  You mean you don't name your furniture?!

And she's comfortable too.
Don't ya just want to plop down on that?
Even us tall folks can stretch out  and still have room.
And yes, that is a gun propped up in the corner. What? I guess you don't do that either!
Well, I wouldn't do that either but I do share this home with my husband, who I adore, and for some reason that's where he likes it.. I got one in the dining room too...
just another part of living in the country...You never know what you gotta "take down" fast.
Did I mention I shot my first armadillo a while back? Pesky varmints!
 Anyways....back to Eleanor.

Eleanor brightened things up so much I had to get some new curtains
 to match her bubbly personality.
These turquoise beauties are from Target via Dirt Cheap of course.
$4 a panel!  Yowza!  I love it.

And while I'm professing my love of Dirt Cheap again
I must say that it came through in a big way this last trip...
(For those of you who have no idea what a Dirt Cheap store is... it's a salvage store that sells all kinds of stuff REAL cheap. Stuff from Target, Kohls, Sears, Walmart....just about anywhere. The stuff that people change their mind on and return to the often ends up at Dirt Cheap.  But you gotta dig for it. It's wonderful.  By the way...that rug came from DC...$20 from Target!  Cha Ching! love it!)
I went in looking for turquoise panels and when I found one I was thrilled..
but to find ALL four that I needed...well that is amazing.
And if that wasn't hubs was in need of a release for his bow.
As in bow and arrow stuff to deer hunt with....
And you guessed it....he found one.  At Dirt Cheap.  That just shouldn't happen.
But it did.
God's good like that.

Happy Monday Y'all!
Stephanie :)

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  1. so cute! i love your living room :) it's so happy!

  2. This is awesome, congratulations on your new "edition" haha! I think if I found a sofa this cool, I'd be all about naming her as well!

  3. That is one sweeeeet sofa! I have sofa envy...
    LOVE the curtains also - especially the dirt cheap option! Loving that you named her also - definitely looks like an 'Eleanor' :)

  4. Eleanor is a beauty! I love that you keep your gun next to the couch, I'm sure if my husband had his way, that is where ours would be. Guys and their "gotta protect toys". I sure wish we had a Dirt Cheap store around here, great deals!!

  5. I love all of it! And Eleanor looks much better without her skirt. Wait, that didn't sound quite right...

  6. Oh my, I love those colors together! Eleanor is so very lovely, and I want to shop at this Dirt Cheap store, it sounds AMAZING!

  7. eleanor is GORGEOUS! i love her.

    and removing the skirt was EXACTLY what she needed (i guess she is a loose kinda lady!)
    you definitely had a good eye on that one!

    and i am pretty sure my grandparents had that exact sofa - except in a different color - cream/gold!

  8. Love your room, it is gorgeous with the pops of color and the black and white! I almost bought that same rug but I chickened out ;o) Eleanor is beautiful. I, too, have guns in my home. (The Welding Man used to be a Sheriff's Deputy)

  9. Hi there! Nice to meet ya, found your post through Life Made Lovely today and I have to say...Eleanor is a beauty. You know? My grandmother gave me two old couches (that look like new) that are the same color and fabric as Eleanor and I didn't know what I should do with them until I saw you removed the skirt at the bottom. And now...that may be just the thing for them, that and some fun accessorizing like you've done! Your post was very meaningful for me today. Thank you!
    Jules :)

  10. The room looks AMAZING! You are so talented. I had a couch like that when I was a college student. I would have never thought back then of making things look that way. Great job!

  11. LOVE love love love all the color in that room! Brilliant! :)

  12. What a difference that made without the skirt. I would have never thought of it!

  13. eleanor is a looker, for sure! wow!
    crazy how much the skirt removal boosted her beauty. i adore your colorful, swanky style. lovelovelove!


  14. Just getting to catch up on your blog. Your Eleanor is awesome! She is a beauty and your living room looks sooooo good. I love the turquoise curtains. It brightened everything up. :)

  15. I love Eleanor and your whole living room. :) Hmmm... now I'm thinkin' maybe we should name the two vintage sofas that joined our home this year. I may have to pick my 15-yo daughter's brain for ideas. :)


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