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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's how we roll

Our family loves to have a good time
We love to celebrate everything.
The big stuff
The little stuff.
And everything in between.

I think a little celebrating can go a long way in making someone feel special.
Sometimes we go big 
and sometimes its as small as a cupcake or a favorite supper.
What matters is the person you are celebrating

Which leads me to our latest celebration..
The arrival of Nate.
Here is some of the celebrating and preparations that took place leading up to that awesome day!

Since all of the family lives several hours away, we all met up the night before for Nate's
"Entrance Party"
My bad... that's what his big sister had...a princess entrance party..
Nate's daddy informed me this celebration would be a
"Warrior Ordination Party"

Here we are killing a little time while we waited for all the family to get there.
Hanging out at Chick fil A
(The BEST fast food place..hands down by the way)

We still had a little more time on our hands so we did a little shopping..

Nate's Warrior Ordination party of course had to include
Football and Hot wings!
Football for Daddy whose team just so happened to have their first game of the season!
And hot wings for Momma....who craved them a lot these past 9 months!

The whole big ole bunch of us!

Momma enjoying her last meal before the big day!
I would not advocate consuming massive amounts of hot wings at 9:30pm the night before you are gonna have a baby.
But hey...this is "Baby Lady" we are talking about!

Nate is gonna be so proud of this one day!

The little big sis had a ball!
She totally dressed for the party.

Last night for saying"the girls"....
soon it will be "the kids".

Ok. After we all ate massive amounts of hot wings, then we checked into our hotels and set our alarms for the big day!!

This was what their daddy had made for the the big sisters to wear ... 

They both got their "little brother babies" that morning.
Roz immediatly told me hers was named Titus. :)

My awesome son-n-law with our ah-mazing snack basket they put together for us to have at the hospital in the waiting room.

And...... our basket we had for our hotel room as did Chris's parents.
(I had already put all the cokes and stuff in the fridge... this baby was packed!)
Ain't they sweet?!

Here's a few pics of what was going on in the waiting room...

At one point one older lady who wasn't very friendly thought the basket was compliments of the hospital  and thought we were "hogging" it all up.  She sent her granddaughter over to get them some goodies before we ate all the good stuff.  lol!

Since I had been told all the men in the family were getting cigars to celebrate, I thought us girls needed a little sumpin' sumpin' too....

The grandmas and great grandmas and aunts all got one...
(so Mimi and Loni and Maw Maw D...your's is coming!)

We all wore blue and our "happy" on the big day.

We had a lot of fun getting ready for that special day.
Some people may think we are a litttle over the top with all of our shenanigans
but I've learned through the years we aren't promised tomorrow
so I try to..

Make it special.
and celebrate BIG.
That's how we roll.
Yep. That's us.
My family.

Stephanie :)



  1. what a perfect celebration for a perfect baby.
    love all the little details-those buttons are adorable!!

    and holla! MSU!! xo

  2. You just celebrate your heart out lovely!! You have something special and you keep on rockin' it! XOXO

  3. i love it! y'all have the sweetest how you guys celebrate together :) congrats on the new addition!!

  4. Just found your site. Love, love, love the button idea!


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