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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Getting my fix on for the 14th time.

 This was last month's fix.  My 14th box of fun and goodness.
You ready to see what they sent me?

1. These Jeans.
I loved the color and the style but they were low rise in the waist.  And those days are gone for me.
Come to think of it, those days have never been for me.  The few times I've succumbed to low rise jeans, they drove me crazy every time I sat down.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  I know you're eyeballin my top  but that was a thrift store find last year.  I know…I love it too.  Black and White stripes are my love language.
When I try on jeans, I want them to make me look good no matter what kind of shoes I'm wearing with them.  I didn't think these were as flattering with something flat.  I immediately looked like I gained 5 pounds when I took of my wedges.

See what I mean.  Same jeans. It's amazing how much a difference shoes can make. And the asymmetrical shirt gives the illusion of length which kind of carries through to my legs.  But the problem is, I don't want to always have to wear wedges to feel my best. I wear my leopard sneakers and converse most of the time with my jeans.   And there was that issue with not being able to sit down without feeling a breeze if you catch my drift.   :)
So these were not a keeper.

 2.  This Dress.
I love the color of this dress and the shape.  I felt pretty and feminine and loved the lace detail.  The only problem is that the dress itself was a little too short for me.  Sure, the lace hits my knee which is a great length, but the entire lace part is see-through so I kinda felt a little exposed. I hated that because I really loved this dress and the way it fit.  SO comfortable yet dressy.

Then I threw on one of my favorite luxury hoodies on from Evy's Tree and I really loved how they looked together.!  aghhh…It was a very tough decision.

3. This Maxi
Well, my heart skipped a beat as soon as I saw the black and white stripes.  And I LOVED that it was a maxi.  But y'all. It was not very forgiving.  If you have any kind of tummy, which I certainly do, than this lovely will show it all off.  However, the breakup in the pattern right down the middle is a clever camouflage that kinda hides a little.  But not quite enough for me to feel like I didn't have to walk around sucking in the entire time I had it on. (Notice I'm showing any pics from the side. lol)

 All the fabric though, is definitely fun to twirl around in .  
This is really a great dress.
And then throw on a really great cream blazer and…bam.
A really really great dress.

4. This Necklace
Well this was a no brainer.  I loved the colors and the design and the price point was affordable.  Loved it all.  I mean, the orange matches my signature lip color…Siren by Revlon.

 But my favorite was this….
5. This Jacket.
I loved everything about this jacket.  The color. The fit. The mix of fabrics it was made of… I loved it all. Expect for the price.  It was a tad high for me.

 This makes me sad looking at it.  I know I would have already worn it a ton by now had I kept it.

Well there you go.
Fix #14
What did you think about it?  Should I have kept more of it?
I'm kinda second guessing two decisions I made with this fix. Okay, maybe three.

Send me an email to  if you have any questions or want to learn more about Stitch Fix.  Or you can  click on the link below and it will zip you right on over there for you to check it out for yourself.  

I would LOVE to see what y'all are getting in your fixes.  If you post anything on Instagram, be doll and tag me.  xxoo


  1. I got my first fix the 9th of this month and loved it, but I didn't keep anything in it. I am so use to buying my clothes on sale and even at 25% off for the entire box, it was still a bit pricey for what I'm use to paying. I may try it again because I was so impressed with it. My stylist did an excellent job in picking out items for me and all but one fit super. I thought you looked great in all of your pieces but you have to be comfortable and happy with the way they look on you or you will not wear them. Always fun to stop by and I really do look forward to meeting you "live and in person" one day.

  2. I just absolutely love these looks! (:

  3. I love your breakdown of the entire fix... I think I'm on my eighth fix and I tend to only take pics of what I keep. It's still hit or miss... sometimes I'm like "wha???" and then others I love it all but it's out of my budget. Having someone else choose items for me has been the most fun part because there are items I love that I never would have picked out on my own.

    Btw - new reader and follower. I found you via instagram and love your encouraging, positive outlook and your love story with your hubby. You are a good example of the wife I need to be...


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