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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Stitch Fix No. 13: "There's a first time for everything"

Somehow in the midst of life I got behind in sharing my fixes with y'all. Heavens…not just my fixes but things on my heart in general.  Maybe it was in-between moving one daughter to Florida or visiting another daughter and my grand kids in North Carolina.  I don't know how or when it happened.  But it did.

I'm trying to get caught back up.  Not so much that I think you're hanging on the edge of your seat in suspense,  but because I have so much I want to share in this strange_wonderful_sometimes lonely_ but mostly glorious season I'm in.  And also because this is Stitchfix stuff that was sent to me  in August and now it's October and  I'm ready to bust out some outfits with boots and tights and scarves.

So here is Fix # 13 in all it's glory.

I will be completely honest.  This is the first time in 13 fixes that I did not keep a single thing! gasp! I don't know if it was my frame of mind when the fix arrived or if I was just tired or what but I didn't "love" any one piece enough to splurge.  Fix #12 was my favorite and I kept every single piece so maybe it was just a hard fix to come behind…who knows.  However, looking back on some of the pictures, I'm wondering if I made the right choice.

First up was this black and white tie-died sweater.  I am not a fan of tie dye. At all. So I automatically turned my nose up to this before I even pulled it out the box.  But looking at the pictures, I'm kinda liking it. It was a very flattering cut and was super lightweight.  I really like it with the pop of blue too.

Next up was this high low top.
I kind of felt frumpy in this one.  Like maybe people might mistakenly think I was expecting.  Have you ever been asked when your baby was due when you weren't pregnant?  I have. And it's not my favorite. So I try to not wear clothes that are questionable. lol.

Then there was this dress.  First, what I loved about it was the color!  It was bright and vibrant.  I loved how comfortable it was and the length.  But what I didn't like was how clingy it was.  It was not very forgiving and if I had taken a pic from the side YOU might have asked me if I was expecting.

Next was this sleeveless top.  I wasn't crazy about the print. It had lace trim which was kinda cute. But this just didn't have any pizazz for me.  But I adore my vintage black pleated skirt that I thrifted a few months back.  I wear it with everything. It's like black yoga pants but much cuter.  It has an elastic waist and I love wearing it with my favorite tees.

The last piece was the one I wish I would have kept.  In fact I'm kind of sad looking at the pics.  If it had fit me a a tiny bit bigger, I would have kept it without hesitation.  I think it's unique and so versatile.  I adore the crochet overlay!  And I love the black and white stripes!

I just felt like it was a tad snug and I probably would not have been comfortable wearing it by itself.  I mean a cardi would like adorable with it but this top deserves to be worn alone so you can see all of it's cute elements it has going on all over.

Well, what do y'all think?
Should I have kept any of it?

Either way…it's SO much fun when that box shows up and I get to see what my stylists picked out for me.  Even though this was the first time in 13 fixes that I didn't keep a single thing, I still enjoyed being stretched to step outside my comfort zone and try on stuff I probably wouldn't have looked twice at in the store.  Returning everything was so hassle free.  I just popped it all in the postage paid bag they send with each fix and dropped it off at the post office.  Super easy..

Just click the "get started" button below if you'd like to check it out for yourself.

I gotta run.  I'm changing sheets on the bed getting my nest all fluffed for the return of one of my chicks for a few days.  That is always my favorite. I hope to share with you soon some of the things we get into while she's here.


  1. I think you were right on to send the items in this fix back. Your previous fixes were so spot on! This one just didn't seem to have the same wow factor.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. The last dress is really pretty on you but I think you were right to send all the other items back. Hopefully the next fix will be better!


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