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Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Favorites

It's Friday!
The air here is cool!
We have the windows open!

Here's a few of my favorites from the week..

This picture...their wonder of the world blesses me.

This moment..  this is what you call Hi-Tech Honeying!  Ha!
That is three grandbabies and a Ipad.

This big bro and his great niece.
{She calls him Gorilla..don't know WHO taught her that}

This face.... Paw Paw and Roz "facetalking".

This Hug.....a week was too long to be without these arms around me!

This goodbye..... hate leaving but the fact that she has learned the "family tradition" of high kicking when we say goodbye made it bittersweet.

This package....from my sweet Veggia Mama in Australia!!

This pile of gorgeousness  that fell out of the package.....LOVE

This bracelet....sent to me by my oldest of friends.  When I say old I mean longest...We've been besties since kindergarten.

This reason  for the bracelet from my bestie.....aww!

This picture of my niece that she texted to me. Ain't she the cutest thing?

This quote by Lydia on our "chillin at the house look"...
"We clean up nice but we lounge hard." 
so true.

This night....both my girls at home, with me, 
NOT in their rooms but hanging out with their momma.



Hope Y'all have a blessed Friday and wonderful weekend!
Stephanie :) 

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  1. Loving that bracelet and inspired to send out a few tokens to people I love 'just because' :)

  2. what great pictures!!! I love the just because gift. what a treasure of a friend!!!

  3. That was the sweetest reason to get a gift. Sounds like she is an awesome BFF! Reading this definitely inspired me to start sending some things "just because"! I am so glad that I popped in from Life Rearranged today!!!

  4. You made me smile! Those are all so great!

  5. What a great week you've had :) Loved all the pictures!!

  6. Ack, all your family traditions just make me smile!

  7. What a busy but fulfilling week and how precious to get a just because gift.


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