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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Welcome to My Little Neck of the Woods

This weeks theme for the Inspiration Workshop at Gussy Sews  is "A Day In My Life".
Well, I'm kinda in a new season of life right now...
The Almost Empty Nest.
I am not as bound to schedules as I used to be so each day is different.

I love days spent with my grand see what a day like that looks like, 
click here or here or here or here.

I love hanging with my girls.. to see what  a day like that looks like,
click here or here or here.

Of course, I love love days with my man.
In the place of ministry the Lord has us planted right now, 
I  get to spend 24 hours 7 days a week with him.
To see  what a day like that looks like, click here or here.

But since my days are kinda different lately, 
I thought I'd just share what took place in my world yesterday.

  • 71 meatballs 
  • home-made sauce from tomatoes from our garden
  • 3 pans of enchiladas (chicken and beef)
  • 2 roasts
  • 2 dozen stuffed bell peppers
All cooked yesterday....
 ( yeah, I kinda need to wipe off the backsplash..gross)

That's a whopping 10 lbs of ground meat ya looking at!

My peppers before they got stuffed.
In my excitement of being finished....I forgot to take a pic after they got stuffed and  all packaged up and on  the way to the freezer.

my sauce: pre-meatballs

Can you say mucho enchiladas? 
 (Sorry for the blurriness.) 

My roasts getting a little brown before the crock pot.

These were the two little dishes I kept out  for us to munch on cuz the rest of this food.....

~I'm working hard now, so I can play then~
You can click here to see what I'm talking about!
This is what my "I accomplished a whole lotta of stuff today"  face looks like!

What is a day in your life like? I'd love to know!
Come check out Gussy Sews  today to see a bunch of lovely ladies.



  1. Wow! That's an amazing amount of food? Go you! Have fun at the beach!!

  2. Wow!! You are a chef extraordinaire!! Impressive :)

  3. I adore your blog! That recipe looks so yummy that I want to lick the screen. Mmmm...

  4. Oh, and I'm following you now, too. :)

  5. Love the food! Beautiful! Beaches sound like the ideal way to spend your day!

  6. Wow! You have some mad skills in the kitchen!! I'm so impressed. : )

  7. That food looks soooo good...I know ya'll are going to have so much fun! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  8. Looks delish! Can I come to the beach?!?

  9. Wow. I wish I could grab that food for myself--it looks great!

  10. good grief lady! You are hard at work! And all that food looks delicious! PS: You seem like such a rad mama/grand-mama!


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