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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Answered Prayer, Beautiful Bellies and Talented Friends

First let me start by saying a BIG THANK YOU to all of you sweet ladies out there who have lifted me up in prayer. I asked and  you did. Your emails and scriptures you shared and encouragement were overwhelming to me. 
God is so faithful.
 I have spent most of the morning typing my outline and I am pumped up about it!!
Still nervous but in a I-cant-wait-to-see-what-the-Lord-is-up-to-and-He's-letting-me-be-a-part-of-it- kinda nervousness!!  Woo Hoo!

I wasn't planning on posting today and then I got a text from my daughter Elizabeth telling me to check out her friend, April's pics she posted on her photography blog. 
 They blessed me so much, I just wanted to share them.
ok, ok....ANNND I'm one proud Momma and Honey.   I'm big enough to admit it. ;) 

Please go check out April and her hubs, Paul.  They are a team in every sense of the word.  They live in Florida but travel so if you are in need of an awesome photographer go check them out.  You will be blessed.
 She is a tiny thing but her heart is huge and her talent is amazing.

Their amazing website is here.  
Their way cool blog is here.  

April and Paul

Here is April's post from her blog today....

There is nothing more awesome than being able to photograph a fellow photographer and friend. I met Elizabeth via Facebook (NO, REALLY!) and was instantly in awe. She is one of the most beautiful Godly women I have ever known. She has encouraged me through many of life’s storms and for that I am so thankful. I finally got the chance to drive up to Birmingham and meet this amazing lady! Little did I know Chris, Julia Rose, and Rosalyn were just as amazing as Elizabeth! We had a great visit and reminisced about building a church together one day in the future. =)
When I found out that Elizabeth would be at the beach in Ft. Walton I had to drive up to see her and of course we had to get some photos of the Sirven family! They will be welcoming their first son, Nate into the world VERY soon! I know he is going to be absolutely gorgeous!
Thank you Sirven family for letting us in your world! We are forever blessed to have friends like you!
Ain't her belly just beautemous?

Stephanie :)


  1. amazing pics ... and beautiful family!

  2. those are wonderful shots capturing such a precious time! thanks for sharing :)

  3. Beautiful pictures of the Sirven crew. Can't wait to see that little Nate boy. :)

  4. beautemous for sure! You have such a beautiful family Stephanie.

  5. Oh my! HOW precious. Elizabeth looks just like you <3

  6. Love!
    I noticed the sign for Cupcakes by the Beach. Is that the place in Destin, FL? If so, I know the owner. Small world.

  7. oops, sorry, Fort Walton Beach I mean.


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