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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

O Cameo, Cameo! Wherefore art thou Cameo?

 My middle daughter, Lydia, has a slight obsession with cameos.
Ok..those of you who know her are saying..uh, slight obsession?  More like full-on head over heels deep and lasting love is more like it. This is true. 

Most of her "pretty ladies" have been given to her by family and friends.
She has over 50 cameos and although each one that has been given to her is special, 
 I'm gonna just gonna share some of her most special.

This is the one that started it all.
Given to her by Ms Ruby and one of her most treasured of all.
 This was hand made just for Ms Ruby in her likeness many years ago and Lydia was so honored that she would give this heirloom to her.

This is another extra special one given to her by Ms Sherry.
This was Sherry's mother's, Ms Edwina,  who has gone on to be with the Lord.
So beautiful.  Lydia wore it to her high school banquet her junior year.
Again, she was so honored that Sherry would give this to her.

This little trio of prettiness came all the way from Italy.
Ms. Lena gave these to Lydia. Her  husband had brought these back years ago when he was stationed overseas in the military.  Again... super special and she was so honored to be given them.

This little beauty has a "sister"...she's an earring.
Lydia fell in love with them at a little shop called Lah Dee Do in Shreveport, La while we were visiting my momma.  They were a little pricey, but she had her own money and scooped them up without hesitation.  These are probably the ones she has worn the most, by her and ME, which is why she has lost some her bling bling...I SO wished you could have seen her in her prime!!  

This is one her Maw Maw Loni gave to her...
one of her most expensive in the collection and most elegant.

Another one from Loni...this ones a music box.

This is a barrette that one of her sisters bought for her.

 And these beauties came from her Maw Maw Dianne given to her on her 15th birthday.  You can't tell in the picture very well...but they are very unique.. the cameo is etched into the stone.  She found these at a darling little shop in downtown Meridian called Embellishments. 
(I should have taken the backs off for a prettier pic, huh)

This pretty little eclectic girl came from a sweet friend on Lydia's 15th birthday...
***Lydia just read this post and informed that I was the one who gave these to her!  
1. My memory is way bad.  2.  Ain't I a sweet friend Lydia??  ;)  *****

...Lydia's 15th birthday was her "Golden Birthday" so we wooped it up big for her that year.
It was a cameo theme...check out her cake.
 Now, I know some of you are saying to yourself, "what is a golden birthday?"
Well, I'm thinking this is a Louisiana thing...cuz apparently no one else I've met over the years does this, but back home we celebrate "Golden Birthday's".
Which basically is whatever year is your actual birth date..Lydia's was her 15th cuz she was born on July 15. My golden birthday was when I turned 25 cuz my bday is May 25th.  You get the picture.
Do any of y'all do this too?.... or do you have to born and raised in the Bayou State where we have festivals and parties for just about everything. 

Ok..back to the cameos.

Here is her latest cameo that she was given... A cameo t-shirt given to her by Ms Karen.
Ain't it purty?
As soon as I saw it, I knew I would have to borrow it!

that is me in the pics.. not Lydia, who looks way cuter in this outfit but hey
this is my blog.. right! lol.
And this lovely "location' is a little store just down the road from our house that hasn't been open since the 70's or so.  (We live in the Briggs Chapel Community.)
I think the little building is so charming and I would love to "shop" the contents that are still in there!!

t-shirt: gift from friend
skirt: clearance rack at tjmaxx
flip-flops: jcpenny's a hundred summers ago
locket ring: walmart
earrings: hudsons
bracelet: platos closet 

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Stephanie :)


  1. 1st off i LOVE the idea of a golden birthday and we do them here in california. but come to find out mine was when i turned 6 and my earth momma just didn't know anything about it :( but, i still had a pizza sleep over which was fun.
    my son's golden bday will be when he is 5! which is such a fun age! i look forward to planning something unique!
    2nd! i didn't even know that those were called 'cameos'! they are so beautiful! what a pretty obsession to have!
    loved your post chica!!

  2. That collection is beautiful and so are the pics of you!

  3. ps i call my momma earth momma because she is such a hippie! we grew up vegan and loving the earth :) :)

  4. What a beautiful post my dear, so glad to have found your blog on the Pleated Poppy!

  5. oh man, this post makes me want to cry.

    my mom always had cameos when i was growing up - she even has two hanging on the wall of her bathroom - she gave me my very own when i graduated high school.

    i totally didn't appreciate it, because it was set in gold.
    and i didnt wear gold.

    about six months ago i started trying to find it in my old jewelry boxes.
    in hers.
    in the safe.
    i looked everywhere.

    i think she is gone forever.

    i wish i had appreciated it more. boo.

    but for now, i stole my mom's cameo earrings, since she never wears them.
    and bought a pair similar to the etched glass ones above at an antique sale a few months ago. :)

    those will have to do.

    i adore this post. tears or none.

  6. oh how fun! i love that shirt and you have now made me want some cameos in my life :) and i love your look so cute!

  7. Love cameos, I would love to actually own a few pieces. That outfit is adorable! :)

  8. Gorgeous! What a collection!
    Isn't it lovely to have a collection of pretty things, but that also have sentimental value too? I have some teacups and saucers from my great Nan who passed away when I was 15. They will be super special to pass down to my girls too. xx

  9. Your daughter has fantastic taste! I love cameos too, and that cake? SO rad!! And I like this golden birthday idea...more excuses to party? I'm there!

  10. I love those! They're so sweet and the cake...WOW!!!

  11. I love all the cameos. I used to love them when I was a wee one. My first pair of earrings (after those crazy locking ones they pierced them with) were these beautiful cameos. I wonder whatever happened to those? Well, anyway, what a beautiful collection your girl has!

    The Golden Birthday thing sounds so wonderful. My oldest daughter's will be when she's 25 cause her birthday is May 25, like you!

  12. My momma made me celebrate my Golden Birthday as well! However, she was born in Louisiana as that may have to do why I was the only one I knew to celebrate a Golden Birthday. :)


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