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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I love Wednesday...

These two girls!

Cookies for breakfast

Watching the girls have "conversations"

Morning snuggles

Fuzzy heads

Imaginations at work

Hearing my grand daughter say "I love you Honey"... Out of the blue

Rosalyn wanting to play her {favorite song} over and over and over again.

A messy house full of toys.

Hugs and kisses.... Even when they're snotty.

****It's amazing to me how so many of the things that I take such delight in now with my granndkids, were not as pleasant to me as a momma with my girls.  Go figure!*******

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!
Stephanie :)

today I'm thankful for:
~being a Honey~
~my youngest coming to me for advice for the stuff in her life~
~a daughter and son-n-law who value their kids spending time with grandparents~



  1. When my boys are doing stuff that drives me crazy, and my mamma just smiles at them, and I remind her that I never got away with that when I was a kid. She says to me: "You'll understand when you're a grandma."

  2. Awe what's not to love about all of those things?! :)

  3. I love the little wisps in their hair!

  4. these girls have the cutest smiles ever!

  5. They are so stinkin' adorable! I'd love them too.

  6. I am always so touched by your tremendous love for your beautiful family. Your love for them is so evident. You are such a good mom and Honey.

  7. So cute. Julia Rose and her smile is cracking me it. :)

  8. Ahhhh friend they are beautiful. Have I ever told you that I love that they call you Honey. It's awesome. When I taught preschool one of my students called his grandma Gorgeous. It melted me.
    Sorry I haven't been by in a while life has been crazy. Miss you!
    Your loves are wonderful.


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