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Friday, November 4, 2011

Eleanor's got a new BFF

Do y'all remember meeting Eleanor?
She's our new vintage couch who got a little make-over.
You can read about that { here }.

Well Eleanor just got a new BFF!!
Meet Lola!

With Eleanor's stellar self, we knew we had to find just the right friend to hang out with her.

Don't she have the most beautamous legs you've ever seen?

This lady has actually been in the family for a looooooong time.
She goes way back to when I was little.
That's me and Lola back in the day.
Back when my momma used a can of Pledge a week to keep Lola shiny.
And back when my momma let me wear my hair like THIS!! 
Here is Lola again.
..And me and my brothers.
(That's me in the middle in case you can't figure out which one's the girl)

Like I said, she's been in the family for a while.
And one day I was perusing Pinterest and saw this picture....
Pinned Image
And I was in LOVE.  
I could just see Lola in all her glory done up just like this with her beautemous legs.
In my original vision she was painted turquoise just like the pic but then I went and painted my kitchen a lovely shade of aqua and thought we'd be swimming in too much blue so I decided to go a different direction....a  happy sunshine yellow :)

So this last trip I made to my momma's, 
We loaded up Lola and brought her home.
My mom was a little apprehensive about her pending makeover and she made me promise not to sand or buff out a single scratch on the top.  She said every scratch had a memory behind it and was full of family history... which is so funny to me since that is NOT how she felt about the scratches when me and my brothers were growing up!
My sweet husband, who is not that fond of little projects such as these and that's why I thank him so much for this, spray-painted her legs a lovely almond color and then we brought her inside to paint the top. Since we only had a teensy bit to paint, we bought a sample jar of the paint color I wanted. It cost us a whopping $2.86!!
So, he pours it out and I'm like "Hon was it this  French's mustardy in the store?"
Now I'm beginning to get a little nervous.
 But no problem.
We just put the Holden Motto into practice...
Improvise,  Adapt,  and Overcome.

That's when my drawers full of craft paint came in handy.

We just mixed up some green and then added a little brown...

 and then finished rolling her out....

And now Eleanor and her new BFF 
are getting along just great!
Don't they look cute together?!
I think so.

Momma, I hope you approve of the makeover.
Don't tell me if you don't.
Although somehow, I know you will anyway...
And Mom, while we are on the subject..
What WERE you thinking when you dressed me this day?
Although, I do like the purse I'm carrying.
But seriously Mom... those thighs were never meant to be in a dress that short.
And the hair?...  Well we won't even go there!

Happy Friday Y'all!
Stephanie, Eleanor and Lola :)

today i'm thankful for:
~spray paint~
~my amazing hairdresser, Amber~
~daily deals at Subway~
~A package in my mailbox I ordered from a friend's{Etsy shop} filled with gorgeousness
and extra unexpected gorgeousness~

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  1. oh my word!!! such prettiness. i want an eleanor and a lola! swoon!!!

  2. I love that table!! stopping by from Finding Joy. I love that yellow pillow on your couch too. Have a good weekend

  3. how fun is that!? Love "Lola" and her new makeover!

  4. Turned out GREAT!! I never would have guessed you painted it.

  5. Came here via Rachel's link-up.
    Wow! I LOVE the makeover! I love re-purposing old furniture. Good job!

  6. OMGoodness, I love Lola!! And my Lola does have a nice pair of legs...such character. It looks great Steph and I love the meaning behind her too.:)

  7. ok. first i was like, whoa i love those pillows on her couch.
    then i'm like WHOOAA check out that table.
    you are seriously amazing. :)

  8. Jealous that you get to house eleanor and lola and so in love with your style !! Great job on the table !

  9. What lovely ladies! Your so lucky to have them living with you :)

  10. I love both little ladies. I would just swoon over a couch and table like that too!

  11. Lovin your scarves and reading your Blog! You are such a Blessing to others Stephanie! Thanks for sharing each week;)


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