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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Nerd Herd

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This is Chuck.
He  is a spy.
He is the star of  my daughter, Lydia's, fave-o-rite tv show.
Sadly this is its last season.

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 Lydia is a BIG fan.
Here she is...with her dreams.

And there is something else you should know about Lydia.
 She has my DNA. She inherited a gene I have..
It's called "can't-do-anything-without-a-theme-and-decorating-it-all-up".
It's a blessing and a curse.

She is just one of the fabulous four that make up 
"The Nerd Herd".
(Lydia, Marcus, Lauren and Blake)
She hosted a party this past Friday night to watch the show..
This is all her doings....
(I'm quite proud)

 Here are the guys arriving in their "nerd"attire.
They outdid themselves...
Marcus in his official "Nerd Herd" uniform from Buy More.
And Blake looking like a nerd that coulda been Al Capone's accountant or something with that hat!

 Then he took his hat off and we all died!
He is looking too authentic.
 Such cute little nerds!

Check out Marcus's official identification!
Crazy awesome!!

 While they waited for the show to start, they dipped some bananas in chocolate and sprinkled NERDS on them...of course.

Of course every good party has goody bags!!

It was filled with nerdy stuff like new pencils, rubic cubes , erasers, super hero know, awesome stuff like that.

 Then things settled down once the show came on...

And we wrapped up the party with a game of Cranium ...

....while we ate "Nerd Turds"!

Happy Monday Y'all!
Stephanie :)

today I'm thankful for:
~paper towels~
~my Sunday school class~
~LSU's awesomeness~
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  1. haha super cute! I am a nerd deep down inside...I loved loved loved school :)

  2. this is so funny! I love themes myself :) just recently found your blog and love it :) hope you're having a great day.

  3. Let me in that family of yours!!! :0) you guys are great.

  4. That is the cutest thing ever. I love a good theme party and they went all out. How fun :)

  5. Ha! Love it! I've only just found Chuck (it's not on regular TV in Australia) and it's such a fun show. It's become one of my favorites!

  6. what a fun bunch! my boyfriend would never get all dressed up on a random day that was not halloween to play games and watch tv with friends. lucky you!

  7. I've never seen the show but this sure makes me want to LOL

  8. So clever! I don't watch the show, but this was hilarious.

  9. You know I was there in spirit! I am still so sad this is the last season. I even teared up during the first episodee of the season!

  10. oh, this is just too good! love it! ;)

  11. Hi Stephanie, So happy for you...what a wonderful shop! I know Melinda must love the name, since she is all about bees and honey. Congratulations! And much love to you and your beautiful family. Blessings, Sandy (Melinda's Mom)


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