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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Decking the Halls

My front door.

My back door...the one we actually use.

Some of my collection of antique balls...

A glimpse of my trees...

My girls Christmas decorations from days gone by...

A few of my Christmas books from when I was little....

This teddy bear was the first thing Nick ever gave me when we were dating...we were 15 years old.  The dress it's wearing was what Elizabeth wore on her first Christmas 23 years ago.   (Teddy's bff is Lauren's gingerbread girl she has had since she was 2..she needs repairing!)

A sweet lady in our previous church made these when my girls were little.  Now my grand babies play with them.  They have been loved on tremendously.

This is a new little guy that I will keep for years to come.  I bought it to remember Lauren's recent discovery that reindeer are indeed REAL...they just don't fly.  She thought they were in the same category as unicorns and mermaids.  Gotta love our LaLa. 

This is my oldest Christmas treasure.
He is probably around 85 years old.
So thankful my mom decided I was old enough and responsible enough to take care of him last year when she surprised me with him.  Thanks mom!

Have you decked your halls yet?

Stephanie :)
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  1. Tree is going up tonight! After xfactor! :)

  2. The snowmen are so cute. I can see why the kids love them. I will maybe start decorating this weekend. Have to finish wrapping gifts to mail, and then have three art classes, then.....decorating.

  3. Gorgeous Christmas decorations! I LOVE that Santa. My mom has one and I've been searching high & low for one!

  4. I love all the sentimental things you have!! The pic of the trees behind the hanging balls is so beautiful!

  5. Not yet, the 1 Dec is the day :) We're waiting to get a tree!

  6. I love people that take Christmas seriously! This is so beautiful x

  7. I teared up after reading this one Steph. Movers are coming next week and we're not sure if we will be leaving before Christmas. If not, we'll be in an empty house with only gov. furniture. I could really use a Christmas at home with friends and family. NEXT YEAR!! I actually miss decorating this year, go the extra mile for me and keep the pictures coming.

  8. oh, LOVE it all!the shiny bright balls and books are my faves! Xo

  9. Love love love...all of it. The old and the new. I had a "sock baby" when I was little that looks sorta like the ones made for your kids. I loved that thing so much. I wish I knew how to make one :)

  10. I hope to one day look back at our own memories, when my children are grown, and have the same feeling I do now, looking at all your precious memories! Love them!

  11. so pretty and cute!!! thanks for sharing!


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