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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Life Lesson #2854

If you know me personally or been reading my blog for some time, then you know I don't tend to keep things simple.
By definition,"The quality or condition of being plain or natural" is not ...well, natural for me.

And of course, in my mind, this years Thanksgiving celebration was gonna be nothing short of spectacular.  I've been pinning ideas like crazy. I've seen so many amazing creative stuff from many of you fellow bloggy friends..and let me tell you, I couldn't wait for for this  Thursday to get here. I was so ready to have all the extra touches to make my home so festive and make my family feel so special.

Well....then life happened.
And one kidney infection later, I've been knocked down for the count.  Fever and chills for three days have kicked my butt and I have had to throw in the towel and surrender.

Hence, my new plan for simplicity.
It kinda was forced on me but I'm actually looking forward to it.
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Yeah, I won't have those adorable edible turkey's on each place setting, and I won't be going out to my shed to pull out the box of Thanksgiving glasses and dishes. I won't be using all the fun ideas I was gonna create for Rosalyn's Tangled birthday party that we are gonna have for her while all the family is together. 
Nope. None of that is gonna happen.

We are gonna have plenty of food to eat.
We are gonna have a Tangled Party...the scaled down version.  
Rosalyn will have a cute birthday cake...I just won't be making it.
And most of all....I will be together with all my family...
My best friend/husband, all three of my girls and their men, my three grandbabies, my momma and step-dad and my  mom-n-law and my brother. 
When it all comes down to it...that's what is all about anyways...
Just being together with the ones you love and who love you back.

And for that....I am most thankful!

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I pray you have a wonderful time of Thanksgiving too.

Stephanie :)


  1. yes, sister.
    but sorry to hear you're not well! praying you can relax and enjoy your special, SIMPLE thanksgiving.
    it'll be fabulous!

    love you xoxo

  2. So sorry to hear that you have been suffering, been there, done that; but your family won't even notice all the trappings are missing, what they will notice is that they are surrounded by love, and that they may have the opportunity to help you, which I'm sure you will let them do with a thankful heart. So rest, recover, and praise God you have the important things.

  3. feel better soon.
    happy thanksgiving.
    p.s. simplicity is key

  4. You have many blessings! ;0) I am so sorry to hear about the infections, and that your thanksgiving won't go as planned, BUT--your attitude about the changes is perfect. I am sure you will still have a wonderful time, and maybe, just maybe, you'll enjoy your little "break" from doing it all!

  5. Sometimes the Lord just slows us down so that all we can do is rely in Him! I pray you are healed soon. Be blessed this thanksgiving day!

  6. Oh I know you will have a beautiful time regardless. Love your way of seeing things... my cup runneth over! xx

  7. Praying for a fast and speedy recovery! You know you might just end up enjoying this week more than most b/c you didn't have to plan/work as much :) Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  8. Awww, this post went straight to my heart! Focus on what we can and will be doing not on what we couldn't do. Love. I pray that your feeling better lovely lady!


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