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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just to say thanks...

One day when I was perusing Pinterest I stumbled across this picture..

 No truer words

I loved it at first sight.
I loved what it said. 
"Anything good you see in me is because of Jesus Christ".
This is something that I've known since the Lord saved me but in the last several years, I've come to KNOW this with my head and my heart.  
Nothing like a few painful lessons in humility for me to learn this truth in a HUGE way.
"Anything good you see in me is because of Jesus Christ".
No truer words.  For reals.

I pinned this to my "words" board with all of my other inspiring quotes and stuff.
And then it dawned on me.
"This is a necklace!!  It's for sale!!  Stephanie, you can buy this!!  It can be your very own!"

So I tracked down the wonderful creator of this beauty and there I discovered Kate.
She is the owner of her Etsy shop
And not only did I find a bunch of gorgeous, God honoring,  pretties there...
I also discovered that 100% of her profit goes towards their second adoption!

So, I ordered my necklace as fast as my fingers could type.
I loved it even more in  person!
And I just adore Kate.

Here is a little bit of her story.
I am Kate. I am a blessed mother and wife. My husband and I lost 2 baby boys before we had our 2 biological children. We could not have any more children. Through the miracle of adoption, we are blessed to have another daughter and we are in the process of adopting again!! I opened my little shop to help pay for our adoption expenses. 
Every penny of profit goes toward our adoption(s).
I am passionate about orphans and try to do everything I can for them. Whether it is a child in Africa, on the other side of the world, in a homeless shelter, or foster care system here in America, there is no difference. These children in need {through no fault of their own} need the ORDINARY people in this world {like me and you} to give them help to change their world for the better. We can't change the whole world by helping just one, but the whole world for that one...CHANGES.
There is also a message behind my work. I hope what I make is inspiring to you! I try to design each wooden tile necklace to be a "billboard for your heart".

Isn't  her heart just precious?
And here are her precious children..
 Aren't they just beautiful?

This is Mia.
Their little love from Tiawian.
Now they are on their second adoption journey and all of the profits from their shop goes towards bringing their baby home.  Yay to that!

Here are some of the wonderful things you can find in her shop.
Faith in God includes faith in His timing Scrabble necklace

I CHOOSE ( JOY ) necklace

Brown/Turquoise BIRDS NEST Wrap Bracelet

FESTIVE AUTUMN Leather Bunting Necklace

Aren't these lovely?!  And this is just a teensy taste of all the gorgeousness she has waiting in her shop....she has over 200 items for you to fall in love with!
So please go check out her shop.

I just ordered this one for my daughter, Lauren's, 18th birthday...
Scrabble (SHINE) necklace

Kate went above and beyond to make sure it got here on time.
(Cuz she's sweet like that)

Here is Lauren wearing it on her birthday!

A while back I reached 100 followers and I wanted  to do a giveaway to say thank you to all of you for following along with me and my family's shenanigans!
So I bought one for you!
Just like mine!
Anything GOOD you see in me is because of JESUS CHRIST Scrabble necklace

 To win it all you got to do to enter is leave a comment :)
Just say howdy!
That's it! 

****This giveaway is now closed******

But if you would like 2 more entries you can...

1. go check out Kate's {shop} and come back and tell me what you like.
(Warning: Be prepared to fall in love with everything!)

2.  Go like Kate's Facebook page {here} and tell her I sent you.

Don't forget to leave separate comments for each entry!
I will announce the winner on Friday!

Thanks again for all of y'alls awesomeness!
Stephanie :) 


  1. meep! i've got like her entire shop in my faves. ha!
    love her leather bangles and the adopt necklace!

    y'all are sweet! xo

  2. Wow. There are no words! I'm not a crier, but your sweet words about my family brought tears to my eyes! THANK YOU!! God bless you!!

    ~Kate @ The Adopt Shoppe

  3. I have been following the adopt shopper too! I love all of her handmade beautifulness :) thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Love these & love that it goes toward their adoption!

  5. Looking at her shop now :) I love those little orphans

  6. What a sweet tribute to my niece, Kate! Thanks for supporting her shop and helping bring home their next baby!

  7. yay!

    i really {heart} that necklace!


    Kate has a beautiful heart.

  8. also,

    Kate has a beautiful shop:)

  9. It's all so beautiful, but I had to "favorite" the "I choose joy". It goes along perfectly with what my ladies bible study has been talking about and that is our theme.

  10. What a sweet sweet family! I love your necklace.

  11. And my 2 faves are the Autumn bunting necklace and the yellow birds nest bracelet...everything is cute though. Love this giveaway!

  12. I love the Africa Congo necklace.... so cute!

  13. I liked her page on facebook.... what a great find!

  14. i loved looking at all of kate's pretties when you bought your necklace....and cried because we are praying about adoption.

  15. Love your blog and would love to wear this beautiful necklace, and most of all...I love you! Miss Cheryl

  16. I love Kate's jewelry, but more than that, I love her message!

  17. to say i LOVE that saying is under.statement. I so read your heart on this--I, too, have lived this and now it's engrained on my heart as well
    <3 howdy ;)

  18. checked out the etsy's all great. no, really. okay, I guess my fav would be the ps 46:10. or the micah 6:8. please don't make me choose :)

  19. Howdy!!! Wow love this post, and those necklaces are so beautiful. Great giveaway!

  20. I love all of her stuff, but the custom black and white photo is so darling. I added her shop to my favorites, I may have to do some Christmas shopping :)

  21. I love her shop and everything in it. The "you are my sunshine" "act justly love mercy walk humbly with your God" and "everything you see in me is because of Jesus Christ" necklaces are my favorites. Love it!

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. "liked" her page on Facebook too :)

  24. my favorite is the "be still and know" necklace. My favorite scripture!

  25. Love all her designs and most of all
    I love her heart!

  26. howdy darlin'! and what a beautiful story and love her shop!

  27. Love the necklace!!

  28. My favorite in her shop is the one that says Faith in God includes faith in His timing. Always hard to be patient and wait for His perfect timing.

  29. I also liked her page on facebook.

  30. I love these items! What a great giveaway!

  31. I really love the you are my sunshine necklace and the one you posted about trusting God's timing.

  32. Alright, I went and liked the shop. :)

  33. What a beautiful story she has! I love her shoppe! Thank YOU for telling us about it!

  34. I liked her on FB! :0)

  35. Your not kidding, I love so many things in her shop! But I think my favorite is the Compassion leather cuff.

  36. Am I too late to enter?!
    I love these necklaces.
    I think they need to be on my neck.:)

  37. Please tell me I'm not too late to enter the contest! Just found you through Traci at Beneath My Heart and love, love your blog. Blessings!

  38. Just left a comment on Facebook for The Adopt Shoppe!

  39. Especially love the tile necklace with grandchildren's names on it!

  40. I just found your blog through "Beneath my heart". I look forward to reading more. May God bless you for sharing His graces to your readers.

  41. I just checked out her Etsy site and will definitely be returning there. I love the "I choose Joy" pendant as well as the "Jesus Others Yourself - JOY" pendant. All too often we think joy just happens to come our way, when many times it's up to us to choose it. That is something that can be a daily challenge for me.


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