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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Full Circle

I love Thanksgiving.
It's one of my absolute favorite holidays.
It's filled with traditions, gratitude, food and my favorite....FAMILY!

Through the years we've celebrated Thanksgiving many different ways.
When we were in the Navy for almost 10 years, 
the majority of those we weren't able to spend with family.
But the last 10 years, we've lived a little closer and I have hosted most of them....which I love!

But last year was my favorite!
It was a major milestone for this momma.
Thanksgiving came full circle for me.
My daughter was the host in her home!

And might I add, she and my son-in-law outdid themselves.
First let me show you a picture of how many she hosted....
 Try having 18  guests for your FIRST Thanksgiving in your home.
And we didn't just eat for lunch....
No, we were all houseguest for several days... all 18 of us.

Well, let me just tell you..
She and Chris were "The Hostess with the Mostess" for sure.
They went above and beyond to make it special.

For any of y'all that are having ,as we say in Louisiana, "beau coup" (pronounced boo coo which means ALOT) of house guests this Thanksging and are wondering where you are gonna seat them all for lunch... look what my two clever and resourceful youngins did...
They transformed their garage into a something AMAZING!..

 She mixed fancy with easy..
Fancy being real tablecloths and round tables.
Easy being the gorgeous paper plates AND PLASTIC silver utensils.
Yes...those are plastic!

 This was my place setting!

 And the food was just as wonderful as all of her decorations!  

Ok...are you wondering where we all slept?
No problem for these two incredible hosts...
After all the eating was over, they cleared out all the tables and transformed the garage into what we lovingly named...
"The Village"!
(It's where all the cool people slept!)

Told you they were amazing hosts!

It was a wonderful time.  We had all the grandparents and almost all the great grandparents together!
Here are the Great Grandmas...are they not just GORGEOUS!!

And if you wonder where I get my silliness from,
well the apple don't fall far from the tree.....
  Here are two of the great grands...the one with the polka dot scarf on her head is my momma.
The other is MiMi...Chris's grandma. (She just opens her mouth and I giggle.)  I love them both.
We were playing the game of Quelf.  Fun stuff.

Of course, one of the hilights for me was having all my girls together.
I love it when that happens.

This years Thanksgiving will be at my house..
I'm a little nervous following behind these two Super Heros of Hosting.. 

It's a great thing coming full circle.

What will  you be doing this year?
I'm sure whatever it is it's gonna be a blessing.

Stephanie :)

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  1. absolutely precious!
    love you!
    Miss Cheryl

  2. What a great daughter you have! and so resourceful. It is nice to be able to let others do the work for a change. This year my youngest will be hosting, but I'm sure not quite at your daughter's level. But if it was just ham and beans, that would be fine. It's family that counts.

  3. You always have such a knack for highlighting the special qualities in your daughters. Love it.

  4. I really love the garage set up! So clever! Beautiful place settings, yet down to earth. It looks like you all had so much fun. I bet this year will be wonderful!

  5. Wow, I'm super impressed! Two things I want to know, WHO had the fancy set up in "The Village"?? The big ole bed with a lamp next to it? Too cool! LoL And now I want to look up Quelf...very curious about that one!

  6. There are no words... Your daughter did a phenomenal job! I can't believe how she transformed that garage!

  7. awwww yeah. that's beautiful! sweet daughter.
    big family dinner AND togetherness=awesome.
    love the pic of you and tour girls.

    i've hosted dinners for 20+ in an apartment;)
    haven't yet braved the sleepovers!

    love you!

  8. What a precious family!!! YOu are so blessed.
    btw, you won my Nest of Posies giveaway, and I couldn't be happier about it. :)

  9. What a great time and beautiful post! =) (Coming from Gussy.)


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