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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Forever Yours

An Ode to my Pajamas

We've been together for a long time now... In fact it was years ago when we first met.
You're so much a part of me now that I can't really remember life before you.

Oh I love you so. You bring me such comfort. We've been through so much together and you always make me feel better the moment I slip you on.

My family has tried to bust us up on numerous occasions but our bond is too strong.  They try to woo me with new brighter versions.... Cuter versions....less stained versions.. 
But I always come back to you. 

They try to tell me I should save you for the holidays only because of what you say. But  I say "what? It just says Merry....repeatedly. Shouldn't we be merry all year long?"
So I wear you year round. All the time.
Despite what they say. 

So don't worry favorite pajamas. You have no worries of being replaced. 
We've been through too much together.
 I love your comfortable merry little self and hope we have many more years together.
 My family will just have to accept our relationship.

Forever Yours,

today I'm thankful for:
~Ms Dianne's leftover gumbo~
~lazy mornings~
~curly headed grandbabies~
~my daughters awesome momma skills~

Call Me Blessed


  1. "Honey" you make me smile! This doesn't make me feel so bad about my candy cane pajamas that I have had since college. They're just now broke in!!

  2. This is too funny. I like your merry little jammers. My favorite pair are wearing thin. Like the cotton is getting see through-ish in spots. But i love them and can't stand to let them go.:)

  3. That was hysterical! I love those pajama pants! You keep on rocking them and be merry all year long.

  4. haha love this ... i am embarresed to say that i just threw out a pair that i had since high school or maybe even longer and the most embarressing part is they said yummy on the back ... haha and they were so sagging and did not flatter me what so ever ... but they were oh so comfy ... and i finally parted ... i did it for my hubby! so i loved this post ... i can so relate!

  5. Love this! I have an old pair of pjs and it's the same thing- true love- they're old, stretched out, and so faded- but I love em just the same..more than all the rest! You just made me smile! I'm not alone.
    PS I'm your newest follower!

  6. Hahaha this is hilarious.
    I used to have some glow in the dark PJs which I loved. I was so sad to get rid of them!

  7. love this!!! holla for merry jammies! i have penguins in christmas scarves on a fave pair. christmas should be celebrated year round after all;)


  8. LoL, LOVE your jammies!!! There's just something about your favorite comfy pair of jammies that makes the world seem right.

  9. You are so darn cute. :0) My mom could have written this post herself, only she is attached to her old bathrobe. The fam has tried and tried to woo her with cuter, newer bathrobes, to no avail. lol


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