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Friday, November 11, 2011

insta-friday faves that I'm lovin'

Here it is.
Another week has gone and it's FRIDAY!!
So with no further ado....

My Friday fave cell phone pics!

Chick-Fil-e  FUN!

Dirt Cheap Bargains!  $2 bucks!  That's read that right!
Cha ching! 

Beautiful fabric from an amazing {Etsy Shop} from a wonderful {new friend}!
(Marie, I have thought every day to drop a note in the mail and that still hasn't happened. BUT, each day I think "Oh, I need to send Marie a card", it makes me think to pray for you and your son. I hope he is recovering well!)

Wearing Purple and Gold for the big game AND the big WIN!!
Geaux Tigers....all the way!

Getting an extra night with these two before bringing them back to their Momma and Daddy (and brother)

Watching the sheer elation on her face while her daddy loaded on the toppings at Yogurt Mountain.

No explanation is needed for you to know why I love this one!

Ipad fun with the grand kids!
(is that scary or what!)

 And last but not least...
to make up for making you endure that last picture...
My very first giveaway! Squeal!
You can go {here} to find out how to win one of these scarves!

Hope y'all have an amazing weekend!

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  1. That Missoni is a steal! Still can't believe ya'll found it there. Love all your pics..:)

  2. Great pic of the kids. Isn't it amazing what our electronics can do now days?

  3. Amazing photos as always - especially loving the funny ipad one!!

  4. GREAT pictures! I love the instagram pics -- so fun and they creates such nostalgia.

    Love the one with the kids and the babe in red -- so incredibly sweet.

    Thanks so much for linking with Friday Favorite Things!


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