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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Momma Time

It's Wednesday y'all! (in case you weren't aware of that)
SO I'm linking up with the lovely Krystina and her "What I love Wednesday" link.
What I love this wednesday and whenever, is time spent with my momma.
She lives almost 6 hours away from me and we've always lived long distance from each other ever since I got married..23 years ago.
We talk EVERY day on the phone or she is tracking me down! I'm not kidding! 
And when we do get to spend time with each other, we treasure every minute.

Here's my latest trip about a month ago.
Lauren and Blake both had Fall Break so they asked if we could take a trip.
So we did!

Road trip games....
Who can lick their sucker down the fastest?...

 I was SO the winner!

Our MUST stop and shop break on the way there and on the way back at this place!

We surprised my mom and got their several hours early while she was still at work.
I'm pretty sure she was just about to say her standard...

She was quite happy with our surprise!

So what do we do with our extra hours? ...... We shop of course!

We closed this place down.  You could hear the crickets chirping when we left.

 Momma was getting a little tuckered out and found herself a seat.

One of my most favorite things about our time and catching up each morning.

We hit a few garage sales this trip. This was my big score....chock-a-block full of retro goodness!

Here was momma's "jackpot"... an electric meat slicer for Nick... her favorite son-n-law!!

 Blake experienced a milestone in his life while on this trip.... He bought his first suit! 
 Don't he look just smashing?!

 Lauren treated us to these!  :)

Then we threw in a little lazer tag.

Seeing those pictures of me led to the purchase of this...

And then to make it worse, after trying boots on EVERYWHERE and not finding ANY to fit my calves, I had to make my first purchase ever from this store....
(no offense to you ladies who love this store!  It was just a reality check for me)

But aren't these boots just darling?
***sidenote and update---when I got home from this trip, after coming to grips with the reality of my weight gain, I decided to do something about it.  NO crazy diets... just eating healthy and drinking plenty of water and cutting waaaay back on the sweets.
  And.......I've already lost 12 lbs and in the next size down! Yay me!!
And so has my hubs!

Blake preached at my Mom and Step-Dad's church.
He did an amazing job.  SUCH a blessing.

We took in a trolly ride.

And almost got kicked off (seriously) while we were taking these pictures.
Can we say MEAN Trolley Driver?

Loading up for the trip home..
We always go home with WAY more than we came with!!

Poor Blake!
(notice what his cup holder is! lol)

  Home sweet Home.
I arrive home to these...hand picked by my man who I missed very much.

I can't wait till the next "Momma time"!
That would be next week when she comes for Thanksgiving!!
BUT I gotta share her with my brother.  Boo.
No problem though cuz EVERYONE knows I'm the favorite!!

Have you had any "momma time" lately?
What are the things YOU like to do together?

Stephanie :)

*****Oh! I almost forgot!*****
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Just to say thank you :)


  1. Yay for mama time, but BOO on mean trolly drivers! I love that you guys did laser tag. Fun!

  2. I love momma time!! I am studying Chile and my mom just recently flew down and spent a few days with me.

  3. How fun! You guys are serious shoppers! :)

  4. Awww, I love this post. So sweet. Looks like you scored some amazing goodies while visiting with her! How do you like the books? Are they comfy??
    Happy Wednesday! xoxo

  5. this is precious! i love momma time...especially when it includes shopping :) you guys looks like you had so much fun!

  6. Please adopt me! ;0) Your family never ceases to amaze me... You guys have so much fun together! It's awesome. Your mom is just as crazy and fun as you are, isn't she?? What a blessing.

  7. fun city!!
    y'all are party people, love it.
    i do love those boots, too;)



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