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Monday, November 14, 2011

A little gentleness please with a dash of quiet on the side

Do you ever get told by someone that you remind them of somebody?
Well, I get that all the time.
Sometimes I'm flattered by who they say and sometimes I want to cry.

For example...
My daughters tell me I remind them of Missy Piggy.
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I'd like to believe it's because she is so glamorous and always has gorgeous hair and eyelashes to die for...
But I'm more inclined to think it's because she is loud and flashy.
Pinned Image

Then to make it worse, my nephews and niece tell me one day while I'm visiting that I remind them of Lady Tottington.
I'm like... "Lady Who?!"
I find out that she's a character on Wallace and Gromit.  I don't' know much about her cuz I've never watched the show but I took one look and my heart sank....

Again, I would like to think that what made their impressionble little minds think of their Aunt Steph was that Lady Tottington is a Glamour Puss
But sadly, if I'm probably has a little something to do with her flashiness and she looks
liketalker.  (those of you that watch this,PLEASE enlighten me!) lol

But the absolute WORST is that my girls think at times I remind them of this woman!  (She's the stepmom from "Cinderella Story" with Hillary Duff)

But I really don't think you needed to see the movie to see

that would be an insult! I mean honestly, If I say that anything is "moist", they die!!

...Like fall on the floor laughing kind of die.

(...that's a line from the movie in case you're cluel

ess..she's always eating, kinda messily, with crumbs falling and

 stuff and bits of food left on her face.  She always thinks her cookies are "sooo moist.)

(I've been known to be a little sloppy when I eat at times, but girls...seriously!  Give yo momma a 
break  ;)

Does anybody else see a pattern here?
Flashy, Gaudy, Loud....
 I don't take this lightly.  It has me worried.
 You see, I love having fun. 
I love being fun.
Am I loud? Uh...Probably. Ok... yes, I can be loud.
Do I like to talk?  Uh, yeah.
I love being silly and  I don't mind embarrassing myself... (for a good cause)
But I never want to cross that fine line where I cease being fun and begin being what scripture would describe as this...   "As a ring of gold in a pig's snout, so is a lovely woman who lacks discretion."  Proverbs 11:22. (Anyone thinking Miss Piggy?!) Being fun is one thing but lacking discretion is never something a woman of God should want to be!
So..I'm working on my gentleness and meekness and quietness...
Now, don't get me wrong.. I don't want to be something I'm not. I love the person God created me to be...craziness and all...but I'm hoping as I strive to grow in the areas that please God, as what scripture describes as a gentle and quiet spirit which is very precious in the sight of God (1 Peter 3:4)... Maybe, JUST maybe,  the next person I remind my girls of will be.....

The epitome of quiet sweetness herself....Melanie!

We shall see!


And now for the winner of the giveaway...

The lovely Karen of Happily Ever After!!
You go girl!  Email me your info and I'll get your scarf in the mail to you!

I wish I could give one to everyone of y'all!  I was overwhelmed by all of the encouraging comments!  Some of y'all "delurked" and said hey for the first time...I love that!  Y'all please don't be shy!  I love hearing from you!Y'all check back cuz I have another giveaway coming in a couple of days!
And its good one!

Happy Monday!
Stephanie :)
ps.  go {here} to read about my thoughts on the number 18.

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  1. yes ma'am! great wisdom here!!

    i am working on my not so great traits, too.
    when i was little i was often called 'lucy' from peanuts.
    and not because i looked like her.
    recently, we were watching 'it's the great pumpkin charlie brown'.
    my husband got so tickled he could barely utter 'that is you, oh my, hannah, you are lucy'.
    he has been calling me lucy since then ... and i am trying not to be so dang bossy;)

    love you! happy monday, sweetie-praying for you xo

  2. I am so happy I won!!
    I think it's wonderful that you have the energy and enthusiasm instead of being so quite and well... not fun.

  3. Great post!!!Loved it and found it very insightful. I might have to ask my girls the same question. Umm.. If I ask them before I have my coffee I am certain Oscar the Grouch would be on the list.

  4. I love this post (big shocker right?) and it made me look at myself, I am loud and crazy but mayyyybe I need to tone it down a bit. ;0) PS: I've been told I look like Bea Arthur... :0/

  5. It could be worse!! I've heard Oprah and Rosie O'Donnel. Yikes!

  6. hahaha! you are so cute. no one tells me i remind them of anyone. now i feel like a loser! lol.

    girl, i'm right there with you... striving to live out 1 Peter 3:4. thank God for working inside of us to change us!

  7. haha great post! I am glad you can embrace it...I like to talk a lot too ... a trait my daughter inherited as well :)

    I was always told in high school that I looked like Katie Holmes from Dawson creek...I am sure it was b/c that show was really popular then...and we are the same age.

  8. Stephanie, this is too funny girl. You don't remind me of any of these ladies or We are all a work in progress..:)

  9. Oh man, what a great verse. I'm going to have to memorize that one. I certainly don't want to be a woman who lacks discretion....ick. Thanks for the humor that packs a good punch! :)

  10. Stephanie,
    You have and always will be a wonderful example of a Godly woman, I do not see the cinderella mom in you at all. I love you my dear sister in Christ and miss you alot.


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