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Sunday, November 13, 2011


My baby girl.
My youngest.
The one who has always wanted time to speed up 
so that you could be grown up.

In a way it seems like we blinked and that's exactly what happened.

And in some ways this journey has been a long one.

Either way we look at it,
We're here.
...This new milestone in your life...

You have always had such tenacity to try new things,
with no fear of what others thought...

Even when the journey was the toughest we always said that your boldness and stubbornness 
would be such a powerful thing if it was harnessed in the right way.....

 The way you never back down and are not afraid to speak what's on your heart ....

Well......To God be the glory for what He has worked in your heart!
Praise God for the transformation He has made in your life.
He took your stubbornness and shaped it into liberating submission.
He took your strong willed personality and molded it to be used to 
stand strong on the Truth.
He took your fierceness and made you tenacious to share God's word..
no matter the cost.

It has been a long journey...
but whatever it took to get where you are today was worth every minute of it.

Happy 18th Birthday Lauren!
I love you and am SO proud of you!

As beautiful as you are on the outside,
the beauty that the Lord has put inside you radiates even greater.

Your genuine compassion and concern for others is humbling.

You always choose joy in every situation.
I know whatever you set your mind to do, you will do with excellence.

And you make me proud.
I want to be more like you.

I know the time will come soon  when you leave my little nest...
  my baby.
my youngest.
the last of my "lil chicks"
And when you do.......

I know you'll SOAR!

 I love you
on your birthday
and everyday,



  1. totally crying over this sweetness.
    amen. happy birthday!

  2. Awww! This is the sweetest post, ever! She is beautiful!

  3. This is just so sweet and beautiful. She is one gorgeous girl--just like her mom!

    Happy 18th birthday!

  4. The love for your baby girl (and all your family!) is beautiful!! Hope she had a wonderful day!!

  5. happy birthday!! wow.. she's beautiful! :)

  6. What a beautiful post, so lovingly written. What a lucky pair you are!

  7. shesh make me cry why don't you! this is truly beautiful!

  8. Oh I just love this post... as a mother of two girls, one of them who just turned 16, I just loved reading your description of your little girl and she has become such a beautiful young woman. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl.

  9. what a great sister is really making bad choices in her life...shows me that God is so good and there is still hope for her ;) Happy Birthday to your BEAUTIFUL daughter!


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