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Friday, November 18, 2011

Honey's Helpful Hints...and a winner!

Today my list of Friday Favorites is a little different.
We'll call it "Honey's Helpful Hints".

First let me start by saying I am not one of those "brand name only-won't try anything else- my kinds the best- I'm gonna use this till the day I die" kinda girls. 
Nope...if its on sale or I have a coupon, I'll sell you out in a heartbeat.
Truth be known, I'm more of a store brand kinda girl.
Bottom line. Just give me the least expensive thing ya got.

BUT....I have discovered a few things lately that I must say I'll be sticking with
..... even if it costs a few extra bucks.

I thought I'd do a little "series" of Honey's Helpful Hints from time to time.
I do love discovering awesome things myself
So here is the first installment and category ...
Cleaning Products! 
(and btw... I'm not getting a thing from any of these products...I just like em and wanted to tell you in case you want to try them your self.  That's all.)

1.  Gain Fireworks!!
This stuff is amazing!  Have you tried it yet?  
My hubs has a thing about clothes smelling good...especially towels and his t-shirts.
Well this stuff delivers!  Everyone in the family noticed how good everything was smelling.
A little pricey at $6 bucks at Walmart but so worth it.  You use it with your soap powder.  Just sprinkle some of the little balls in the water before you add your clothes.
Love it!

2. Goop!
Ever heard of it?
I grew up with my mom buying it for my daddy to clean his hands.
But I use it on our clothes!  It will get out just about anything.
Seriously. Grease stains are a breeze with this.
It's cheap too and a tub lasts forever!
You find it in the automotive dept at Walmart.

Ok. Obviously, this aint a cleaning product but it's in my laundry room on my window sill where I was taking these pics and its one of my all time favorite things I own. So I thought I'd share it with you while I was in there.  It's me and my three little chicks. I've had it since the girls were little  and it always makes me smile.
(if any of you have a helpful hint for ME to take care of that dusty window blind...I'm all ears!...unless it involves me dusting! lol)

3. Cascade Complete Power Pacs
 This is my big splurge.  I'm super skeptical about how "great stuff is supposed to work" and like I told you... I always just go with whatever is the cheapest. Well I had a coupon one day and gave this stuff a whirl.  Let me tell you, IT WORKS!
I'm not real big on washing my dishes before you put them in the dishwasher...I mean, that's what a dishwasher is for right!?   I just scrape any big stuff off the plate and toss it in.....(I know, I know..shame on me)  But this stuff can handle it!  And the best part is how it cleans the glasses.
No spots or streaks. (My hubs appreciates a glass without spots)
I have even bought the cheap stuff recently wanting to save a little and we could all tell the difference!

4. Dawn Power Clean
What I love most about this stuff is that you don't need to squirt half the bottle to get a big beautiful sink full of bubbles!  And the bubbles last!  Don't ya hate when you blink your eye and all you got left is water with a little suds on top?  Yeah, me too.  Even after washing a bunch of greasy pots, you still have bubbles!  I am all about the bubbles!

And the last thing I'll leave you with is this picture....
I know it has nothing to do with cleaning supplies but I couldn't resist....
I mean, how adorable is that?!
And after all... I AM a Honey you know!
It's what us grandmas do! ;)

Do you have a favorite secret weapon you use to clean with?
I'd love to hear about!   TEll US!

Now for a winner....
Number 8!
That would be Marie!

Marie said...


i really {heart} that necklace!


Kate has a beautiful heart.


  1. great tips! i'm gonna have to try all of those. :) esp that goop stuff and the cascade power pacs. thanks for the advice! :)

  2. ok...first I am a total neat are speaking my language... Lol...I sooooo just switched to the cascade packs...I to try and go cheap...I was SOOOOO impressed, I never have dirty dishes ever. Ummm my go to magic takes everything off. DAWN DISH great for cleaning windows...seriously it is a de-greaser...just put it in a bowl or spray bottle with water and BAM clean windows ;) boil water and sprinkle cinnamon on your stove top and your whole house will smell like heaven :)

  3. ps. adorable girls...they have great taste in shoes ( wink )

  4. So thankful I linked up at Finding Joy and found you here. I love your bloggy world. Such a sweet and peaceful place. I LOVE the pic of the girls. Precious!!! But those cleaning products are totally making me feel guilty as I sit here on my computer.:) Blessings new friend.

  5. Love all the hints and that precious personality popping out of every sentence! The girls are so sweet, and the oldest looks like a "miniature honey"...both beautiful girls!
    I hope to one day catch on to this posting where I don't have to be "anonymous"...ha!
    Miss Cheryl

  6. Oncascade complete watch for dollar off coupons in Sunday's paper and buy the trial size for 97 cents and make 3cents on each one

  7. Love this blog!!! Totally agree about the cascade and the goop. Will definitely be trying the other stuff thank you very much!! The girls are sooooo big and adorable!! My goodness!!! Love you all very much!!

  8. yes! we love the cascade packs!!!
    and we used goop all the time to clean the hubs up when he worked hvac. never thought to use it on clothes! genius.

    love you!

  9. hmm... i have no secret cleaners. i'm lame. but i'm really excited about trying goop. i need a miracle stain lifter. seriously. my kids are messes.


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