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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bedazzled No Carve Pumpkins {Hanging with Honey : Day 14}

Well this little project was never intended to be a DIY post for this blog.  It was totally just something fun and "Fall-ish" for us to do on Porterville Night.  If I had had this post in mind from the beginning, I would have taken some specific pics of supplies and all that biz.  And I would have bought some serious bling bling to bedazzle them in the best kind of way.

But this is real life y'all.  This was not staged to make a pretty Pinterest pic or to create a blog post.  It was just us doing life that happened to turn into a blog post. Now you can truly see how easy it is to do a fun project with stuff you already have without spending any extra money.   Sure...I ain't gonna lie....I wanted more gems and pearls to bling it out big time, but we had the same amount of fun without them.  And the having fun part is where I gauge the success.

I came up with this idea strictly because a few years back, we discovered that my girls are allergic to pumpkin.  Who knew?  We didn't.  We hadn't carved a pumpkin in years and now they were all grown up and I thought it would be fun.  After scooping out all the insides and carving it all up,  by the end of the night, they were both covered in red splotches and whelps. 

So now we stick to painting pumpkins.  But to be totally honest, I didn't feel like dragging out all my paint and our pumpkins were tiny so we didn't have much of a "canvas" to work with.  So I rummaged through some of my stash and decided we could use push pins and tacks and see what we come up.  

I loved the results.
So easy and so cute.
We didn't use the first bit of glue of any kind.  It was mess free. Holla.

Some of the supplies I had on hand were:
  • colored tacks
  • gems that have little holes so you can use push pins to secure them (see picture in cup)
  • beads
  • silver tacks
  • push pins with colored balls on top
  • pearl corsage pins
  • brass fasteners
  • page reinforcers 

We had Carolyn hanging out with us so I tried to find something that would be easy for her to create with.  I dug around and found a pack of page reinforcers.  They were perfect to make cute polka dots on her pumpkin.

We even convinced Nick to join us and he did his entirely using stick pins.

Carolyn had a ball and her pumpkin was almost as cute as she is.
She kept holding it up and would look at it and then declare it was perfect.
But then she would keep on adding stuff.  A girl after my own heart. 

She was so proud of it.

We gave her the job of "Pumpkin Judge".  
She took it seriously as you can see in this pic.
She said, 
" First Place...Bruda Nick.  Second Place.....Lidi.
Ummm.....Third Place...Hmmmmm.  I guess that would be me.
Fourth Place....that's you Stephy."

Ouch. We all died laughing. 

Here are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winners.
The honorable mention (I prefer that over last place) is the one taking the picture.  As in me.

 It was a ton of fun.
But be warned....the only hazard to this project is the "pumpkin pee".
They do squirt and leak.  Lydia found this out on her drive home.

Happy Fall y'all!
Be sure to tag me on instagram if you bedazzle a pumpkin of your own. I'd love to see them!



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