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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hanging with Honey {Day 8} Kingdom Work


We're home! 

The Lord has had us on the go lately.  A lot.
It used to just be Nick's revivals that would have us traveling but the Lord has kicked it up a notch and keeps opening doors for my own ministry to women.  So this past year has been BUSSSSYYYY. 

But whatever we do and however the Lord uses us, our church is behind us cheering us on and holding us up.  They encourage us.  They stand in the gap on our behalf. They pray for us.  They text us and let us know they are praying or ask how they can be praying specifically.   And they let us know we are missed when we are gone.  

It's really special when you find a body of believers who can see past the church walls and community and get a glimpse of kingdom work.   They send us off with their blessing and Nick and I stand in awe of what God has done in our lives through our church family.

Every time we come home, this message is waiting for us.
And every time I read it, it humbles me.

And every time, I thank the Lord for what He has done and is continuing to do.
We don't deserve His favor but I stand in awe of it.

We're home but not for long.
I'm speaking at a Women's Conference in Richardson, Louisiana on this Saturday morning.
As in the day after tomorrow.  As in we leave in less than 18 hours from now.
I am blown away by this full season He has us in....being spent for His glory.
I would covet your prayers for myself and the ladies who the Lord will send.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.  When I get back from this weekend, I  promise to respond to all of your sweet comments and emails.  I appreciate each and every one them and y'all always make my day with your encouragement! I have some fun things to share with y'all in the weeks ahead.  I can't believe it's already day EIGHT of the this 31 Days thingamajig.  I just may make it.  #maybe

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  1. You are being used for His glory in this season. What a blessing.


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