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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dogwood Cottage B&B in Eupora, Mississippi {Hanging with Honey : Day 13}

I shared with y'all yesterday some of the places we explored while staying in Eupora, Mississippi.
Today I want to share with y'all the heartbeat of what made this little town so special in our book....
Dogwood Cottage Bed & Breakfast and the sweet lady who owns it.
It was like finding a nugget of gold.

Sometimes when we travel out of town for Nick to preach revivals, the church provides a hotel for us.  Sometimes we stay with church members who have a spare bedroom.  We have stayed in cabins and lake houses of generous people who have opened them up for the traveling preacher.   Either way, it's always a blessing getting to enjoy christian fellowship and hospitality.

This week, we experienced that at it's finest thanks to Mrs. Carol Freels as she used her gifts to be a blessing.

I always bring my good camera with all of my lens when we travel.  Except this time. Womp womp. And boy did I want my kick myself.  Everywhere I turned there was beauty that I would have loved to capture with my Nikon but for some reason that I still can't figure out, it got left behind.  All of these pics are were snapped with my phone but I think you will get the feel of how inviting this place is.

The "Blue Room" is where Nick would drink his coffee and read the Word in the morning.
(Which by the way, Ms Carol made a really great cup of coffee.)
I couldn't get enough of that stained glass.
And as posed as these pics look, he really was reading.  He's used to my shenanigans after all these years and just goes about his business as much as he can.  lol.

I didn't snap any pics of our bedroom.  (I KNOW!)
But if our bathroom is any indicator,  then you can imagine how wonderful and plush it all was. I experienced some of the best sleep I've had in a long time in the king sized bed.  Her linens and pillows were all incredible.  And clean.  Holla!

This was the formal dining room.  She has beautiful polish pottery everywhere.
It's simply stunning.

However, we never sat at the formal table because we were always busy hanging out in this wonderful little area of the house.

So many wonderful meals were experienced each morning and the conversations were even better.

 I was blessed to meet some of Mrs. Carol's family and enjoyed hearing their amazing testimonies of God's faithfulness.  Our mornings in Eupora were some of my most favorites in all our traveling.
(So thankful for you two, Stephanie and Holly! xxoo)

I'm just so thankful for Mrs. Carol  and that the Lord chose to cross our paths.

She has a great love for stained glass and has beautiful pieces all over the house.
Several of them were made by one of her daughters, Lynn, who we had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with too.  We just didn't think to snap a pic.
Seriously though, so much talent in this beautiful family.

There is also a beautiful covered back porch and yard that is so peaceful and serene.  I spent quite a bit of time out here reading God's word and studying.

This was one of my favorite things even though these pictures do not do it justice.
She calls it her Window House.  And she and her daughters, who happen to be architects, designed it using old, recycled windows. It's quite magical.

There is so much to explore, that I didn't even see this little spot until the day before we left.

It's a beautiful thing when you see the Body of Christ at work doing what we are each called to do.
There is no doubt that the Lord has equipped Mrs. Carol with an eye for beauty and the gift of hospitality to serve others and help refresh us on the journey. 

She was a breath of fresh air and if you ever find yourself traveling through Mississippi or just need an interesting place to rest and relax, then I recommend Dogwood Cottage in Eupora.  It's the sweetest little refuge and Mrs. Carol is a blessing.  
If you get a chance to go, tell her Honey sent ya and then give her a big ole hug from me.

ps.  I was not asked to share any of this.  This is not a sponsored ad in any way, shape or form.  Just sharing a little of the blessing we received and would love to see others experience the warm hospitality too.  #sharingiscaring  ;)

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