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Friday, October 2, 2015

Hanging with Honey {Day Two}: The High Kick

The High Kick.  It's a Holden tradition.  
We've been doing it for so long now I don't even think about it.

We don't wave goodbye.  We high kick.
So why do we do this?

It goes back to when my girls were young. We have always lived long distance from family.  We've never lived next door to each other and done the "normal stuff" like Sunday dinner after church or hanging out after school for a snack.  Before Nick was in the ministry he was in the Navy.  So our family has grown accustomed to life filled with week long visits over the holidays and lots of goodbyes.

That can be tough.  Especially for a house full of emotional girls.

Because the truth of the matter.....goodbyes stink.

So I decided to do something about it.  On one of the occasions when my mom was leaving after a visit, instead of standing there choking back tears and forcing a smile as we watched her pull out the driveway,  I decided to throw up my leg and high kick her.  We all got the giggles and momma left us with genuine smiles on our faces.

So it kinda stuck. 
And now it's affectionately known as the Holden High Kick.

There have been so many high kicks over the years.  Too many to count.
But here is a few we happened to document for one reason or another....

My mom took this one as they drove away from Cow Camp a few years ago.

This one was taken years ago when Lydia was teaching my Rosalyn, my grand daughter,  how to properly say goodbye. (she's almost 7 years old now.)

She was so proud of herself she wouldn't stop.
And check out that form.  Hashtag proud grandma.

I'm pretty sure she gets it from her Great Maw-Maw Loni. 
(Dear Lord, please let me still be high kicking like this when I'm 72.)

However, sometimes it's hard to convince the grandkids that high kicks are fun when Honey and  Paw Paw are leaving.  Nate Dog wasn't having any of it on this goodbye.

But the funny thing is...they think that High Kicking when you leave is the totally normal thing to do.

And that everyone does this.

Sometimes we even drag other people into our crazy. 

Goodbyes never are easy but I truly think our high kicking has softened the sting.

We've pulled our son-in-laws into the crazy.
(actually, they had no choice in the matter but they love it anyways.)

So there you have it in case you were ever wondering...
The Holden High Kick.

Try it next time you have to say goodbye.
I guarantee you leave smiling.



  1. Fabulous! Your mama! And Carolyn! The last photo from Lauren's wedding. The grands. I love this on so many levels. Here's a high kick for you!

  2. How funny!! What an awesome tradition. :) My husband's family is notorious for putting "bunny ears" behind you when a picture is taken. :)

  3. How is your family so stinkin' cute?!? And I am so.excited. about this whole 31 days of blogging from you:D Love and blessings!

  4. Wow your mom's high kick is truly impressive : ) We have a saying when we do goodbyes...'Everyone go cry in the driveway.' And we say it so much we laugh as we pull away, even if there's still a tear or two. We roll down the windows and shout as we're leaving 'Cry in the Driveway!" I think tradition is a good thing.

  5. For us we always gave phone hugs after we say I live you on the phone which is a funny little Ughh ughhh sound that my college roommate and roommates since now do because it is hilariously fun. Love the highkick!

  6. LOL I love it! My oldest son is in the Navy so he & his family have always been way too far from home. That high kick may just take the sting outta good-bye ;) Thanks for sharing Honey!


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