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Monday, October 26, 2015

Stitch Fix News and my latest fixes

Stitch Fix now has it's own app!

As of now, it's exclusively for iPhone.  It gives you easy access to your profile and makes sharing notes and feedback with your Stylist super easy.  AND for the first time ever, Stitch Fix has profile photos.  With the app you can upload a profile picture to share with your Stylists so your Fixes are even more personalized.   Holla!

So I had to pull out my Stitch Fix selfie stick #saywhat? and take a pic for my profile.  
Super Fun times ahead!

If you would like the app for yourself, just click here.

Okay now for a couple of my last fixes.  I think this is 26 and 27.  
It just dawned on me as I was posting these pics that I skipped a fix.
It was the month I went to China and my favorite pants of all time was in it.
Skinny cargo pants!  Oh my word. So comfortable that I chose to wear them on the 15 hour flight there and the flight back home (where we ended up sleeping on the floor in LAX.)
I looked through my phone and found a few everyday pics while I was wearing them.   Because y'all will want to request them.  They have such good structure. They hold you in in all the right places.

This was taken the morning I left for China.  I was trying so hard to be brave.

We had lunch with Lydia and my mother-in-law.  
I wore my favorite "Live Courageously" shirt to help pump me up. 

This was taken the other day in a dressing room. And yes.... I did indeed buy that Breakfast Club tee. 
I also kept a really cute striped swing tank that I also took with me to China.  And a fabulous army green bag/purse with leather straps.  I adore it. But I couldn't find a pic to include.  I will try to remember to share it next time.

But here are the other two fixes.  
What I kept and what I sent back....

These wine colored skinnies.
I loved them.  They were keepers.  I don't know what magic Stitch Fix uses on there pants and jeans but I pretty much keep 99% of the ones they send. They always have stretch to them but structure. I'm finding out that is golden at my age. Stretch and structure. 

Next was this aztec tank.  Was not a fan. I sent it back.
The sweater though is one from a fix earlier in the year that I just adore.  
It's super soft and buttery. And I love the color.

Next up was this sweater.
I liked it.  But I didn't love it.
And I'm trying to only purchase things I love.

So I sent this one back. 

I did however keep this necklace.  I loved the gray mixed with the gold and white. 
(Ignore the lipstick on my teeth.  My photographer was slipping in his duties. Good thing he's so stinking cute. lol)

And last was this little tank.  It fit terrible.  It was so wonky and not flattering at all. I had to cover up with a sweater to take a picture of it.  It was super cute but just not my size.

In my next fix my stylist sent me this dress. I had requested dresses that I could wear in December when Dressember cranks up again.  So I wanted something I could wear with boots and tights.

I will probably have to wear a slip extender under this one even with tights because it's a little short, but I loved the retro pattern and even liked it with jeans for a funky look.  
It was a keeper.

Next up was this top.
I had communicated with my Stylist that I didn't really care for all the aztec looking prints as much anymore and that for me, Boho was more about cotton tops with embroidery and crochet.  
She was listening and this was definitely an improvement.
It was a keeper.  

I also had requested a cargo jacket or vest which she let me know they were out of in my size at the time of this fix.  So she sent me this cape kind of sweater.
It was big on me and felt sloppy.
 And even though I did like the uniqueness of this piece, I didn't love it.
So it went back.

I've been wanting a great pair of flair jeans and requested them in this fix. I had liked a few posts to give my stylist an idea of what style.  She sent the exact pair I "liked" on instagram   but they were not the best pick for my body type.  They were in my size but from the juniors department or something. (This pic makes them look big but I promise they were tiny)  
No stretch and structure with these babes!
 SO sadly, they went back.

Last was this yummy bracelet from 31 Bits.  I love to purchase with purpose and told them to include their stuff as much as possible. They are a company similar to my favorite Noonday which I wish Stitch Fix would carry. 

Well there you have it.   
I have a fix that will be arriving in a couple of days.  I hope I share it with y'all sooner than later.

In the meantime, I'll be over here uppin' my game with my new selfie stick Stitch Fix sent me.

If you want to find out more about getting in on the fun and having your very own box of goodies delivered to your door, just click below.

ps. For those of you sweet people who were following my Hanging with Honey series, I kinda fell off the wagon and then got rolled over by it.  Ughh. 


  1. I wish I could get into Fix Stitch like you but I guess I just enjoy shopping too much. But, the one box I have gotten from them was "spot on." Happy week!

  2. Stitch Fix is my favorite. I hate shopping in stores and I always pick out the same styles. They make me step out my comfort zone more. I wish they would jump on board and make an Android app though.

  3. what is the name of the red boho top?? Love it and would like to request it . thanks!

  4. What is the name of the red boho top? WOuld like to request it- LOVE it!


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