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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hanging with Honey {Day 3}: Happy BDay FroDaddy- Original rap by Honey Hizzle and Big P

When I committed to the 31 day challenge, I knew that the first week out gate would be tough.  We will be out of town with Nick preaching a revival and I don't own a lap top to write something daily.  That meant I would have to write a bunch of post and schedule them to post automatically in my absence.  I almost let it deter me but I'm extending myself grace and keeping this fun so I looked through my stuff and found several drafts that I never posted for one reason or another, I have a couple of post that I wrote for other blogs as a guest  that I never published here on the Honey Pot and then I have this one.....

It's already been posted here but since I need one more day of content AND it's Christopher's birthday today I thought why not share it again.

Behold.  Honey Hizzle and Big P

***First Posted in 2011  Since this time Iggy came on the scene and crushed mah dreams of becoming the first legit white girl rapper. 
To my son-in-law on your birthday:
Since I can't be there to celebrate your special day, 
I thought I'd do the next best thing ... blog about you

I call this "Honey Hizzle in da House"
(beatbox by Big P)

Yo what up chris
It's your day and i. want. to. cel-e-brate 
in a special way

So wrote a little rap, wit you in mind
So sit down in yo chair and enjoy the ride

Once upon a time a long time ago
Back in the day when you still had a Fro
You fell in love.. wit this girl of mine 
and you won her heart cuz she thought you be fine.

You were her Prince Charming and she was your Lily 
Ya didn't date like normal
So people thought y'all were silly

But dats ok, you didn't care what dey say
You were living for Jesus 
Wanting to do it His way.

You were a gentleman
Always did ya part,to keep her pure. 
So when you asked for her hand
Her daddy said “Son…sure”

Of course first he had to test you
make sure you were legit
Made you shoot up some targets  and sweat a little bit.

So you married our baby and made her your wife
Now serving the Lord together  
Is what you do with your life

Your a team, shes yo partna
Regular Bonnie and Clyde
Going through life wit each other  side by side.
y'aaall fit together like a hand and glove
Two peas in a pod  that are so in love

Yeah it wasn't long later when ya had some news that was good
Said  “we gonna have a baby”
Gonna join the parenthood 
 Bro nick became a Paw Paw
And I became a Honey
It kinda rocked our world
Made Our days a little sunny

You became a daddy 
And a really good one too
You be all hands on
You ain't afraid of no poo.

You got mad daddy skillz
Can change a diaper like a pro
Your babies sleep thru The night 
Cuz you can wrap em like burritos 

Y'all like kids so much y'all decided to have some more
Yeah do it so good that you outgrew your car.

It was the car of yalls dreams
It was such a sweet ride
But wit so many kids 
Ya couldnt fit em all inside.

So now youre ROCKin the mini van
Lookin all fly
You and your posse 
As you all 5 drive by.

You drink tea out of china
When your girls wants to play
You watch Tangled on the TV cuz they like that way.

You yo little girls hero and you  do it so well
I'm so proud youre their daddy
My hearts gonna swell

Now after two little ladies
That really are so fun
The Lord shook it up in your crib
And He gave you a sonnnn.

Now lil man Nate dog
Is there hanging wit you
He be dressin sharp like his daddy
All smooth and GQ

You and your woman,
Y'all are doing it right
Raising kids to love Jesus
Is what's in your sights

Keep doing it .Dawg
Wit your eye on the Prize
You an Baby Lady
Side by side.

And I want you to know 
on this day in Octoba
I couldn't love you more 
If it was I who had birthed ya.

Props to Papi and JuJu for raising a man to love my daughta
I love you son
Happy birthday... Holla!

{Back in the day....}

{ fine thing!}




{Your girls!)

 {a son!}

{Mad Daddy Skillz}

{My girls know how to pick em! STUDS}

Christopher :)

Happy Birthday!  
Hope I haven't embarrassed you too bad ;)


There you have it folks.
If you ever doubted, now you know for sure....I have no shame. Or sense.
I suppose I need to write a rap for my other two boys.
Maybe I'll switch things up and go country next time.
So many options.

Happy Weekend to ya'll.
Happy Birthday Christopher! 

ps. I had to add a pic of you with lil Hazel Boo.


  1. First off Honey, High Five to you for finding the time! I am doing a bit of nature inspiration each day, but it's hard when working full time (6th grade teacher), tending to my own kids and home. But I do love a challenge. Secondly, you sure lucked out in the son-in-law department. (as did they). Happy travels.

  2. Bahahaha! You got skillz for realz. I wondered why you called him FroDaddy...until I got to the older photos.

    P.S. I loved watching the video after that one of all the photos of you and Nick through the years. So sweet. Donnie and I never take pictures together unless I make him. :(


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