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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Yes Please!

I've been enjoying linking up with Gussy and her Inspiration Workshop. I have met some lovely ladies who have inspired me in many ways. This weeks theme is "Pamper Yourself".

I couldn't think of anything more indulgent than this foot massage given to me by my two grand-daughters!
I think a little birdie named Paw Paw Nick may have put them up to it. lol

This is her "focused" face..She takes her job serious! lol

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

Hope you get some "pamper me" time too!



  1. Well aren't you just a spoiled grandma :) lol, how fun!

  2. Love it! So glad I found your blog. It's so cute! Stopping over from Gussy Sews!

  3. hi stephanie -- thank you sooo much for linking up! cute pics, and YES! foot rubs are amazing :]


  4. this is precious! what a sweet "honey" you are. i love your blog :) new follower!


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