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Monday, July 18, 2011

The End of an Era...

My sweet middle child, Lydia, had to close a chapter of her life this Friday,
July 15th 2011.

She turned 20.
She was so funny about the whole thing....

A pic she uploaded to Instagram.   Her words.. 
"Today is bittersweet.  It's my last day to be 19. No more being a "teenager".  I don't like getting old."

So this is what she does to celebrate her last day of  teenagerhood...

She got a HAPPY MEAL!

This was her last picture taken as a 19 year old. lol.  It was taken about 11:30 pm  at night. Yes, we know how rough we look :)  I am blind without my "coke bottles" or contacts and Lydia kept laughing cuz I couldn't find a good angle lying in bed that didn't make me look like I had three chins!  Fun stuff.   Real life.   Although, this may be my last post after she kills me for posting a pic of her without makeup! :)

Ok. So No more being association with teenage stuff since she no longer has the word "teen" in her age. Right?

You see, we like to whoop it up for birthdays around here. Their daddy says I have messed them up by doing this..setting such high expectations and putting pressure for the men in their lives.  Boo!  We all love a good party (and he does too!)  And when I say whoop it up...I don't mean spend a lot of money.  We just make a big deal about it being their day and try to do something  that is unique to them.

This year it was all about hanging on to that last thread of silly little girl stuff for Miss Lydia.
So what better way to do that than come down with a fever.....  
Bieber Fever!!

She walked into a serenade of her entire family singing, "Baby, baby, baby Ohhh.."

 Everyone received their backstage pass

I can't tell you how many times I thought someone was standing at the door!

Have you picked up on the fact that purple is Justin's favorite color? ;)

The Birthday Girl and her "Purple"red velvet cake. 
(It was an epic fail...instead of purple it was a dark ugly the cake slid!)

Purple Bieber crazy straws? 
 Why yes please.

Here's the fam....
(aka The Nerd Herd)

Maw Maw D, Roz and Jules

Me and her daddy xxoo

The Holden Sisters (and little Nate)

Matthew, Marcus and Marvin

opening presents
(this was a poster of Dwight Schrute in case you're wondering!)

Now my little Lydia has always been, dare we say, obsessive when it comes to her crushes! So her sisters and I had a picture of her many for every 20 of her years alive.  Now this was no easy task deciding which ones were in the top 20!  She loved it and was mortified at the same time! lol

Of course number 20 was....

All in all, I think we helped her let go of her teens and look forward to her twenties!
We busted out the Wii and did a little dancing and of course there was a viewing of "Tangled".

Can't wait to see what the next "era" will bring..
I'm sure it will consist of a wedding at some point and then maybe some grandbabies down the road.
 Whatever it is, I know it will be epic!
God has great plans for you!  
I love you my 20 year old oreo filling middle child.

Joining in with Heather and Stacey....

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Stephanie :)


  1. how cute is she? looks like so much fun!

  2. Too much fun!!! Lydia is a trip, but we love her :)

  3. Looks like so much fun!! Can't believe Lydia is 20 already..time flies. We definitely know what that Bieber fever is all about. Loved getting to see all of the pictures. :)

  4. I had such a blast reading this and checking out the pictures. It seems like you have such an amazing, fun-loving family! I think I am going to become your newest follower... I would love to learn all I can from you. :0) Beautiful children, too! :0)

  5. happy birthday to your sweet girl. LOVE that she bought herself a happy meal. :)

  6. ummmmm you can tell your daughter that i just turned 30 and my friends threw ME a bieber party too! i have got the fevverrrrrrrrr. happy birthday!!

  7. looks like an excellent way to close out her 20s!

  8. this post was so sweet. i got teary eyed a few times! it made me realize how quickly life passes by. my five kiddos are 8 months - 7 years, and i know that sooner than later, i'll have some photos of them all grown up like your kiddos. i know i need to appreciate the time i have with them now, don't i? thanks for the reminder! blessings, lora

  9. i love your pictures and i heart your heart. you are a sweetheart and a fantastic momma. cutest 20th birthday party evah! and your girls are gorgeous like you.

  10. Oh my gosh, this is THE BEST! What a fabulous idea. I totally love making a big deal of birthdays, and I can't wait until Abby is older so we can create new memories together. So glad you shared xo


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